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Author Topic : old problems not resolved
 London Calling
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3/26/2017 8:48:54 AM reply with quote send message to London Calling Object to Post   

Does everyone agree that Jeff has pretty much abandoned us? Just taking our subscription money but ignoring the game?

when there was an issue with dogs not being fed he rewarded us by not charging for food it was supposed to be for 3 days. TWO MONTHS later my dogs are still being fed for free. again when there was a problem with sessioning he offered double sessions it was supposed to be for a week STILL getting double sessions.

If this is how Jeff manages his business (creating these games IS his business) there is a little something called site maintenance Which is not being done. sad :( Seriously considering cancelling my subscription especially with the Canadian dollar being in the toilet right now and it costing me a lot more than normal to play.
 Halcyon Design
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3/26/2017 9:43:43 AM reply with quote send message to Halcyon Design Object to Post

I think he seems to be busy doing other stuff most of the time, and that's why he only fixes stuff after a phone call.

The exchange rate is rotten for the U.K. Pound too and so this game costs me more than it used to. I've just done 6 month subscription each time to see how the game goes as the issues do frustrate me.

In one of my kennels I had a dog with no colour. Message Jeff - comes the advice and I do, I did. But nothing has ever come of it. I've bred down from that dog and I'm producing invisible puppies now, I can't be bothered to chase.

I get advised to telephone Jeff, but the call would cost more than I think it is worth. I have played this game a very long time & I love it enough to put up with the lack of "customer service" but it doesn't mean that it doesn't irritate me now & again.
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3/27/2017 9:31:22 AM reply with quote send message to Kalynda Object to Post

Yeah, I am thinking that the game is done.

Too bad - I think it's still a unique game that appeals to a niche audience.

But without maintenance, even that niche audience will bail.

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3/27/2017 9:48:23 AM reply with quote send message to Tarot Object to Post

It scares me to death that it will get shut down. For the past 9 years it's been a lifeline for me to help me get over being out of the RL dog show world. I don't know what I would do without it. That's why even though the problems and issues really annoy me, I'll take it as it is, because I am always afraid Jeff will just throw his hands up and shut it down. I can't imagine losing all my dogs, some of which I can trace back to 2008 through their pedigree.
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3/27/2017 4:18:58 PM reply with quote send message to rhondacline Object to Post

what Tarot said...

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3/27/2017 6:44:52 PM reply with quote send message to Steph Object to Post

The show still goes on.... The site still functions even with a few glitches...

Till the end I am here I guess. lol


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