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Author Topic : Is it rare for a veteran dog to win BOB?
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A couple of questions for those who show (as I'm watching the AKC National Championship):

1. Is rare for a dog from the veteran class to win best of breed? And...

2. If a veteran dog wins its breed at a large event like the National Championship, is it most likely a "Specials" dog?
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It is almost 100% of the time a "specials" dog meaning it's a champion. I would not call it rare, especially at national specialties for the veteran to win. A lot of veterans just don't enter, and most will usually be entered at a large/prestigious all breed like AKC royal canin or Westminster f they think they've got a good chance of winning.
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12/20/2017 9:51:24 AM reply with quote send message to Gallant Object to Post

Not rare, atleast in my breed (akitas). We are a "slow maturing" breed that really doesn't look it's best until 5-6+. Veterans are 7+. Most of our top winning dogs are either veterans or almost a veteran. So I would say it's just dependent on the breed.
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Not rare in my breed either (labs.) The class is smaller so they get a better look, and a lot of active specials are over 7.

Know it happens a lot in setters too.

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