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Author Topic : Bulk Feeding
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Ok...I keep having to go back into my kennels and re-do the bulk feeding. Is there a reason why? I assumed once you picked a puppy and an adult food, that was what was fed until you changed it. However I'm finding in all my kennels, that occasionally pups are born on Old Boy, or when they hit adulthood, they are still on puppy formula. Anyone else having this happen or it normal?
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The system will not automatically switch dogs from puppy to adult food, you have always had to do this manually.
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And believe me, if you forget you pay the price. Discovered that in one of my other kennels, my 40-day-old bitch was still on puppy food. Not good for the puppies, I don't think. We'll see when they are born if their condition is lower than normal.
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Ok thank you! Sometimes they aren't even born on what I've picked, and I just assume they were until my almost fully sessioned pup is at a 10 condition and everything else is at 19!

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You have to go to your account page and set your puppy ration there for them to be born on it. Not from the bulk feeding page.

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