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Author Topic : Returning Player trying to decide on breeds
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10/7/2018 4:38:49 PM reply with quote send message to CoralCreek Object to Post   

I am a returning player from quite a few years ago. I have spent some time trying to catch up with the game, and I am now deciding on which breeds to begin. I have a family account and I have started Miniature Poodles in one and Standard Schnauzer in another. I have 3 accounts left to fill and I would like to have 1 account setup with a friendly and competitive breed, and the other 2 with breeds that need a lot of help...leaning toward very low SOP breeds. For those of you who have been around a while I would like suggestions since you know what is going on in your breeds. All suggestions will be much appreciated.
 Berry Brits
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10/7/2018 4:59:59 PM reply with quote send message to Berry Brits Object to Post

For your competitive friendly breed, consider Brittanys! We’re in the top 15 for popularity but despite that we’ve actually got a pretty small breeder pool. Stud prices are low, multiple majors are available a day, and we’re all friendly and willing to help each other out. happy :) We’ve been slowly getting more group placements and the occasional show placement too. There’s also a color project to be had if you’re into that!

For a breed in need please consider Black Russian Terriers. I have them in my other account where I’m the only active breeder - otherwise we have two basics and one inactive person haha. We’re not low on the breed rankings because I enter my dogs in shows pretty consistently, but we are in desperate need of help there!
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10/7/2018 10:18:04 PM reply with quote send message to Lisboa Object to Post

Hi CoralCreek

Welcome back. I too left for a while and couldn't stay away.

Competitive - Sealyham Terriers and Pointers. Both (eek) in top 5. Sealy people work together, and a number of us in Pointers work together and chat. Sealys in 98 sop, mainly 1 colour. A few of us working on the other colours. Pointers have just made 99 sop - but everyone else in 98s. No problem with colours - all seem reasonably current.

Breed in need - Kooikerhondjes. I've stopped sponsoring specialties as it seems to be only me. 2 colours, sitting in 97 sop with 1 colour competitive. There are other breeders.
Silky terriers- sitting in 95s. All colours getting good results. Only 2 or 3 of us.
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Hitting 95s. 1 colour competitive, working on others (actually 2 colours with variations).

Happy to set you up in any of those.
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10/8/2018 6:31:16 PM reply with quote send message to gaylanstudio Object to Post

Pharoah Hounds are just closing in on 95 SOP. We have got some newer players lately so fairly active.

Airedales are getting close to 99 but I am almost the only active kennel.

Smooth Fox could use some support. I have some but I'm overstocked there and somewhat inactive at the moment. this could change soon.

I've found all of these breeds to generally have good sharing users.

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10/9/2018 11:37:53 AM reply with quote send message to Alibi Object to Post

For a friendly competitive breeds, but that aren't in the 99 SOP range have a look at Collies, Shelties, American Cockers and English Setters!

For a lower SOP breed that needs more players please take a look at Chows.

Please feel free to message me or post on any of these breeds, happy to help!
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10/9/2018 12:16:49 PM reply with quote send message to Karen RR Object to Post

American Eskimos are having to start over from scratch. Highest sop is 18.9 and I am the only one in the breed right now.
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10/9/2018 11:17:53 PM reply with quote send message to dreamweaver1961 Object to Post

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Thank you to everyone for the suggestions! I have decided to go with Brittany's, Chow Chow, and American Eskimo for now. Once I get accustomed to managing the kennels I may feel more confident with managing more than one breed in a few of the kennels. My kennels are:

DreamWeaver - Miniature Poodle
CloverHill - Standard Schnauzer
CoralCreek - Brittany
Elgies - Chow Chow
OakBluff - American Eskimo


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10/14/2018 10:45:59 AM reply with quote send message to Shelburne 2 Object to Post

Bouviers only have 1 breeder
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10/14/2018 10:32:57 PM reply with quote send message to WaGik Object to Post

posted by Shelburne 2
Bouviers only have 1 breeder

I will help when I can.
 Shelburne 3
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10/15/2018 7:50:14 PM reply with quote send message to Shelburne 3 Object to Post


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