Pug Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH ComFa Laughing Dragoon 94.4 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
GCH CH ComFa Laughing Cavalier 94.3 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
GCH CH ComFa Battleship Ark Royal 94.4 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
GCH CH Comic Circassian Spun Magic 94.9 Black Comic Operetta $100
GCH CH Comic CircassianWarrior Batraz 95.2 Black Comic Operetta $100
GCH CH Comic Vortigern 94.9 Black Different Drummer $100
CH Comic Sardonic Blue Royal 95.0 Black Early Hours $100
CH Comic Jasper Fawn KingMaker 94.5 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
CH Comic Rules Spin Ironic Dreams 94.6 Black Comic Fawn $100
CH PP3 JediMaster Pongo PugWalker 94.9 Fawn PluPerfect Pug $100
CH Comic Spin The Royal Crown 94.4 Black PluPerfect Pug $100
CH Comic Ascendant Blue Laughter 94.7 Black Comic Operetta $100
CH PP3 Circassian Wild Rider 95.0 Black PluPerfect Pug $100
CH PP3 Circassian Spectacular Bid 95.0 Black PluPerfect Pug $100
CH Comic Circassian Pirate Hook 94.9 Black Rijbakluva $50
CH Comic Circassian Peter Pan 95.0 Black Rijbakluva $50
FawnFun Blue Water Captain 94.8 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
SunUp Wizard of Spin 94.7 Black Early Hours $100
ComFa Royal Battle Blast 94.7 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
FawnFun HMS Royal Oak 94.7 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
BSG Royal Escapade 94.4 Black bsgkiddie $100
FawnFun Queens Cavalier 94.5 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
ComFa Kings BigBlue Magician 94.4 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
SunUp Lauhing Streaker 94.8 Black Early Hours $100
Drummer Fission Chain Reaction 95.0 Black Comic Operetta $100
BSG Master Celebration 92.3 Black bsgkiddie $100
BSG Master Prince 92.0 Black bsgkiddie $100
SunUp Circassian Dream Catcher 94.7 Black Early Hours $100
SunUp Circassian BlueCelebrity 94.7 Black Early Hours $100
Comic Melnibonés Divine Magic 94.1 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
FawnFun All Joking Aside 94.7 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
Drummer King Blue Wizard 94.2 Black Different Drummer $100
Drummer Hammer of The Gods 94.5 Black Different Drummer $100
Drummer Big Blue Spun 2 94.3 Black Comic Operetta $100
Comic Circassian Frog Prince 94.7 Black PugUp $100
Apogee Gold Spins His Dreams 94.7 Black PugUp $100
ComFa CautionMoms a Gremlin 94.2 Black PugUp $100
Chaos Magical Spinning HiJinks 94.7 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
SunUp Spinning Point 94.0 Black PluPerfect Pug $100
ComFa Laughter Beyond Price 94.3 Fawn PluPerfect Pug $100
ComFa Jaspers Joker 94.1 Fawn PluPerfect Pug $100
PP3 DevineFawns DarkPower 94.2 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
RJBK - Silver Hedge 94.6 Fawn Rijbakluva $50
RJBK - Holding on To All Hope 95.2 Black Rijbakluva $50
RJBK - Drifting Through Dreams 95.1 Black Rijbakluva $50
FawnFun Laughing Royal Marine 94.5 Fawn Fawn Fun $50
Comic Deshi Laugh and Spin 93.7 Fawn Comic Patter $25
ComFa Battleship of The Line 94.4 Fawn Comic Fawn $25

Did you know?
In multi-breed and all-breed shows, the winners of all breeds within the kennel club's breed Groups then compete for Group placements.