Pug Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Comic Event Horizon 93.9 Black PugUp $100
GCH CH Comic Heir Apparent 93.2 Black PugUp $100
GCH CH Comic Melnibonés Eldritch King 94.2 Black Comic Operetta $100
GCH CH Chaos Elric of Melniboné 93.7 Black Comic Fawn $100
GCH CH Comic Master Wizard of Chaos 94.1 Black Comic Operetta $100
GCH CH Comic Marcus Aurelius 93.4 Black Different Drummer $100
CH Chaos Lord Elric 92.9 Black Early Hours $150
CH FawnFun Eldritch Dreaming King 93.9 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
CH Comic EldritchKings DarkPower 94.1 Black Comic Operetta $100
CH Comic Chaos on Sabbatical 93.7 Black Different Drummer $100
CH Comic Storm Bringer 93.3 Black PugUp $100
CH Comic Dude The WholePackage 92.7 Black Different Drummer $100
CH Decatur Debora 93.6 Black Decatur Kennels $50
CH Comic Zenas Spinning Wizard 94.0 Black Comic Operetta $50
CH Comic Elrics Scholastic Wizard 93.3 Black Early Hours $50
CH Comic PowerEmpress Son Burt 92.1 Black Apo Pugs $25
FawnFun Chaos RoyalMedafore 93.4 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
Comic Elrics Chaotic Gremlin 93.7 Black Decatur Kennels $100
Comic Gracious Galactic Hero 93.6 Black Different Drummer $100
SunUp Sol Invictus 93.3 Black Early Hours $100
SunUp Wizards Wild Spin 93.7 Black Early Hours $100
SunUp Gracious Wizard 93.8 Black Early Hours $100
Apogee TreasureSeeking Gremlin 93.8 Black PugUp $100
Apogee Melnibonés Rising Star 93.8 Black PugUp $100
Chaos Bois de Belleau 93.7 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
Chaos Elrics Galactic Menus 93.3 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
Comic Hadrian Eternal Warrior 93.3 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
Comic Disturber of The Peace 93.6 Black Early Hours $100
SunUp Elrics Holiday 93.3 Black Early Hours $100
Drummer Elrics Roman Truth 93.7 Black Different Drummer $100
SunUp Spinner of Melniboné 93.4 Black Early Hours $100
Comic CFO of Melniboné 93.6 Black Early Hours $100
Comic Roman Super Star 93.5 Black Early Hours $100
FunFawn Melnibonéian Warrior 93.8 Black PugUp $100
FawnFun Melnibonéian Regent 93.4 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
Chaos Melniboné MagicWiz 93.5 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
FunFawn A Far and Distant Time 93.2 Black PugUp $100
FawnFun RoyalElric Melniboné 93.4 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
FawnFun Dreaming Gremlin 93.4 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
Comic Elrics Ulysses 93.4 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
Comic Imaginative Imp 93.3 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
Chaos Sentinel of Melniboné 93.4 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
Decatur Toby 93.5 Black Decatur Kennels $50
Comic Wizards Magic Sensation 94.0 Black Early Hours $25
FawnFun 93.0 Fawn Fawn Fun $25
FawnFun Melnibonéian WarHorse 93.2 Fawn Fawn Fun $25
Drummer Prince Zander 93.9 Black Different Drummer $25
FawnFun Pluperfect ofa PoshPug 92.8 Fawn Comic Fawn $25
FawnFun RoyalPrince Chaos 93.1 Fawn Fawn Fun $25
FawnFun Elrics Roman Faun 93.2 Fawn Fawn Fun $25
Decatur Bellino 93.4 Black Decatur Kennels $25
Comic Wizards Great Galaxy 93.9 Black Heads Up Pugs $25
SunUp HedgeBird of Melniboné 93.4 Black PugUp $25
Apogee Melnibonés Top Force 93.7 Black PugUp $25
Chaos Eldritch Gremlin Blue 93.4 Black Heads Up Pugs $25

Did you know?
In the American Kennel Club, a dog needs 15 points to become a Champion, with each win gaining anywhere from zero to five points depending on the number of dogs competing and the area where the show is held.