Pug Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Comic CircassianWarrior Batraz 95.2 Black Comic Operetta $100
GCH CH Comic Vortigern 94.9 Black Different Drummer $100
GCH CH Comic Vortigerns Royal Duke 95.5 Black Comic Operetta $100
GCH CH ComFa Spectacular Speculation 95.0 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
GCH CH PP3 FitzRoy Prince of Fawns 95.3 Fawn PluPerfect Pug $100
CH Comic Batrazian Laughter 95.2 Black Comic Operetta $100
CH Comic Blazing Titan 95.2 Black Comic Operetta $100
CH Comic Rules Spin Ironic Dreams 94.6 Black Pug Song $100
CH PP3 Circassian Spectacular Bid 95.0 Black PluPerfect Pug $100
CH PP3 JediMaster Pongo PugWalker 94.9 Fawn PluPerfect Pug $100
CH Comic Spectacular Prince Chaos 95.4 Black Comic Operetta $100
CH ComFa Royal Battle Blast 94.7 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
CH Chaos Spins Circassian Stars 95.0 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
CH Comic Sardonic Blue Royal 95.0 Black Early Hours $100
CH Comic Brilliance of Vortigern 95.2 Black PugUp $100
CH Chaos Sardonic Impresario 95.4 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
Chaos Tadg Mac Nuadat 95.3 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
SunUp Batrazian Fawn Raider 94.7 Fawn Early Hours $100
Chaos Superbus Tyrannus 95.4 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
ComFa Pongos Proof Positive 95.2 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
ComFa Pongo To The 9th Power 94.6 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
Comic Spectacular Big Bad Boy 95.1 Black Pug Song $100
SunUp BlueSpun BigBullyBoy 94.4 Black Pug Song $100
Comic Wild Fawn Royal Duke 95.2 Fawn Comic Operetta $100
SunUp Circassian Dream Catcher 94.7 Black Early Hours $100
Drummer Big Dukes RoyalDream 95.0 Black Different Drummer $100
Comic Royal Dukes Bid 4 Power 95.5 Black Comic Operetta $100
Drummer Ninth Royal Duke 95.1 Black Different Drummer $100
Comic Mithic Sun in Splendor 95.1 Black Different Drummer $100
Drummer Facetious Royal Duke 95.4 Black Different Drummer $100
SunUp Circassian BlueCelebrity 94.7 Black Early Hours $100
SunUp Wizard of Spin 94.7 Black Early Hours $100
Chaos Vortigerns Circus Zena 94.9 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
FawnFun Spectacular Future 95.4 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
FawnFun Tale ReTold 95.1 Black Fawn Fun $100
Drummer Pongos Chaotic Rules 94.9 Black Different Drummer $100
Comic MaMaBomas Big Pongo 94.3 Black Pug Song $100
Comic Melnibonés Ace of Spades 95.3 Black Comic Operetta $100
FawnFun Prince of Dreams 95.3 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
ComFa Kings BigBlue Magician 94.4 Fawn Pug Song $100
ComFa CautionMoms a Gremlin 94.2 Black PugUp $100
PP3 Spectacular Jedi Knight 95.3 Fawn PluPerfect Pug $100
Apogee Dylan ail Don 95.2 Fawn PugUp $100
FawnFun Magic Blue Ocean 94.3 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
PP3 Circassian Beyond Reason 95.0 Black PluPerfect Pug $100
FawnFun Blue Water Captain 94.8 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
Comic Big 10 Chain Reaction 94.3 Black Comic Operetta $100
Drummer Gazetted RabbleRouser 95.3 Black Different Drummer $100
SunUp Regimental SargentMajor 95.3 Black Early Hours $100
Chaos Reigning Prince of Games 95.2 Black Heads Up Pugs $100
Comic Melnibonés Divine Magic 94.1 Fawn Pug Song $100
Comic Batrazian Iron Chef 95.0 Black Early Hours $100
ComFa FitzRoys Royal Joker 95.1 Fawn Comic Fawn $100
Comic Spectacularly Big Rule 1 94.8 Black Comic Operetta $100
Comic Noble Batraz Spins Rules 95.3 Black Early Hours $100
Comic Laughing Barbarian 95.0 Black Early Hours $100
Drummer GreatBig Spectical 94.7 Black Pug Song $100
Drummer Fission Chain Reaction 95.0 Black Comic Operetta $100
FawnFun BlueMagic Laughter 94.7 Fawn Fawn Fun $100
Comic BlackJade 10 by10 Power 95.0 Black Comic Operetta $100
SunUp Batrazian Blown AwayBlue 95.0 Black Early Hours $100
SunUp Lauhing Streaker 94.8 Black Early Hours $100
PP3 Dilemma or Blue Paradox 95.0 Fawn PluPerfect Pug $100
RJBK - The Jesters Crown 95.1 Fawn Rijbakluva $50
PP3 Whirling Pongos Dervish 94.7 Black PluPerfect Pug $25
FawnFun Vortigerns Green Man 94.5 Fawn PluPerfect Pug $25
FawnFun Vortigerns Cavalier 94.9 Fawn PluPerfect Pug $25

Did you know?
A specialty show is a dog show which reviews a single breed, unlike other dog shows, particularly conformation shows, which are generally referred to as "all-breed" because they are open to all breeds recognized by the sponsoring kennel club.