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What is the best food to bring general condition up for 10+ day olds? I keep switching around and cant tell
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The best is a custom ration.
Medicines/Vaccines - Low
Protein - High
Fat - High
Vitamin E - High
Make sure you make it a puppy ration and then make an adult one with the same ration. When the puppies are 14 days old, switch to adult.

Custom rations are expensive. If you don't want to do that, I use "Super Duper", but I think it is no different than "Pet House" really. I only use "Super Duper" on the adults, so I am not sure how fast it conditions pups. On the custom ration, my cane corso pups are either at or close to 20.0 condition by 14 days old.
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I use the 1777 formula Emily.Rose described when I'm sessioning a dog for the show ring, but if I just plan on keeping a bitch as a brood I will put her on 1171 (so fat is at the max) which will get only the condition to 20 really quickly before switching to Pet House food which will maintain it.

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