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Author Topic : unnamed dogs
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So I offered on a unnamed dog, (because I wanted to name it myself) it was named before the offer was excepted, I would've have offered to buy it if it wasn't unnamed...
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11/5/2019 2:47:11 PM reply with quote send message to BarStar Object to Post

Thats part of the risk of buying unnamed pups on approval...

Next time, send a note to the seller saying what you'd like it named or that you only want to buy it in unnamed.

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11/6/2019 2:22:42 PM reply with quote send message to gaylanstudio Object to Post

Talk to the breeder/seller. If the dog is still under 30 days, the breeder can change the name. Tell them what name you had in mind. If they are willing, you can sell the dog back to them to name then re-buy it. It is easier if you are subscribed but I think it can still be done.
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11/7/2019 11:42:52 PM reply with quote send message to XiZang Object to Post

In my established breeds with a long bloodline, I put up my pups unnamed on approval so I can name them with at least my kennel name. I always welcome name suggestions. In my kennels where I don't care about tracking the bloodline, I put them on quick sale.

I agree, if you offer on an unnamed pup, send an email with a name suggestion.

That being said, I also agree with talking to the breeder re the selling back etc.

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