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Author Topic : Returning old member!
 Running Coyote
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7/11/2020 11:09:06 AM reply with quote send message to Running Coyote Object to Post   

Omg I was so happy to see Showdog was still around!! I used to play back in early 2000 with German Wirehaired Pointers. I lost access to my old kennels (I CANNOT remember the emails I had or even if they’re still around) so I made a new one.

Any breeds in need of support? I still have starter dogs and really want to get back into a breed or two!
 Meriones Kennel
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7/11/2020 12:49:56 PM reply with quote send message to Meriones Kennel Object to Post

I'm trying to revive Old English Sheepdogs, if they would interest you?
 Berry Brits
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7/11/2020 1:33:12 PM reply with quote send message to Berry Brits Object to Post

Welcome back! Showdog is still kicking, just with slightly more bugs and less members than before razz :p

I have Australian terriers and Maltese in another kennel, both breeds could use some help! They’re not from source (though there are some Aussie terrier colors that are dead) but I’m the only big breeder in both. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested and I can get you set up happy :)
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7/11/2020 2:25:31 PM reply with quote send message to BarStar Object to Post

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You are supposed to be a dancer not a runner. :P

*I think* lol

Welcome Back either way...


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