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Author Topic : Anyone needing some help
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9/3/2021 1:38:31 AM reply with quote send message to Fourlorn Object to Post   

Wondering if anyone is needing some more competition in their breed? I've got room to add another one in one of my kennels.

I'm also open to sessioning and showing for folks if that's a thing anymore.

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9/3/2021 6:53:08 AM reply with quote send message to FromRussiaWithLove Object to Post

Don’t know if you would be interested in welsh terriers, wire or smooth fox terriers.
There are a like 2-3 of us usually showing on and off so it would be interesting enough to join but could still use a boost. And I would be happy to help you out with some of my stock from other kennels. Just let me know!
 Rossett Spaniels
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9/3/2021 10:31:57 AM reply with quote send message to Rossett Spaniels Object to Post

Welsh Springers need help.
The Nationals are the only times I see other dogs, other than that, I have st stack shows with old dogs with low rating handlers to get majors on my dogs.
Sad really, we used to be such a “thriving community “.

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9/3/2021 10:35:23 AM reply with quote send message to gaylanstudio Object to Post

Bearded Collie could use some help. I seem to have the only onr still showing and getting no points. I have some in overstocked kennels I think. This is a breed at risk I believe if anyone wants to help out.
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9/3/2021 1:13:56 PM reply with quote send message to Akalore Object to Post

I’m going to shamelessly plug my own name here (I’m also Fourlorn).

If anyone is interested in Briards, let me know. Right now I’m the only one showing and, honestly, I love this breed. I’ve had to keep my stock kind of low since they share a kennel with my SAB but I can help someone with a dog or two!

-Fourlorn, Akalore, Foursaken, Fourwarn and Fourbidden.

Replies in this thread : 4

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