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Author Topic : Free custom banners
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I'm offering free custom banners to premium users.
I'm a semi-professional, with examples below.
Will be simple but nice. I need more practice!

Please fill out the form:

BREED(S) - up to 2:

Also state if there's anything you DON'T want,
e.g. pink, fluffy, cursive text, etc.

Examples from over the years:

I'll post the banner and the image link for you
to easily copy from a phone or computer.


How to put the banner on. It's really easy!
Might be harder on a phone but still possible.

1. Get the image link by:
>>> Right click - copy image address
>>> Press the first letter of the image address and drag
your mouse or finger to the last letter, tap and select Copy
or right click and press Copy.

htp:/lkjlkjdlkjf.png is the image address (link).

2. Put the image link between [ img ] and [ /img ]
(without the spaces)

It should look like this:

3. Go to My Account > Edit Kennel Slogan

4. Copy your link into the white blank square box and press Submit!

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Did you know?
Judges are generally certified to judge one or several breeds, usually in the same group, but a few "all-breed" judges have the training and experience to judge large numbers of breeds.