Group Results

Date: 8/13/2019

Herding Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Albion Eadric Albion Roxanne Leatherwood Belgian Tervuren Best in Group
Ch KDH Cobalt Fire KDH Roxanne Leatherwood German Shepherd Dog 2nd in Group
BlaznHot Seeing Is Believing BlaznHot Roxanne Leatherwood Australian Shepherd 3rd in Group
Winberg Honor Code Wittenberg Roxanne Leatherwood Border Collie 4th in Group
Ch Seagrams Classy Jack Pasquel Roxanne Leatherwood Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Ch BK Khal Drogo Boodie Kennels Yvette Glover Shetland Sheepdog
Ch Lanakila Hells Angels Lanakila Corgis Roxanne Leatherwood Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Aramal Ace @ Newwave Newwave Roxanne Leatherwood Belgian Laekenois
Ch ESAN It Takes More Than That gamedevftw Mick Sherrer Collie
Tanami Twisted Tale Rensvik Roxanne Leatherwood Norwegian Buhund
Ch Lanakila ARaisinInTheSun Lanakila Show Dogs Roxanne Leatherwood Swedish Vallhund

Hound Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Breslin Istvan Breslin Roxanne Leatherwood Borzoi Best in Group
Ch Fenix Maraschino Mohito Fenix Roxanne Leatherwood Whippet 2nd in Group
Ch Jaspers Ember Storm Jasper Kennel Roxanne Leatherwood Bloodhound 3rd in Group
Ch Diego Hunger Games Diego Kennels Yvette Glover Ibizan Hound 4th in Group
Kjelvik Cry Triumphal Kjelvik Owner Norwegian Elkhound
Rizona Hoodlum Rizona Owner American Foxhound
AppleCreek Sweet N Tender kats4me Owner Beagle

Non-Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
DenKees Wild Earl Aussiewolfsister Roxanne Leatherwood Keeshond Best in Group
Lisra Rhinestone Cowboy lisra Owner Shiba Inu 2nd in Group
Ch Fingerprint Smoke and Mirrors Fingerprint Owner Dalmatian 3rd in Group
Kelankins Fancy Full Time Kelankins Owner Lhasa Apso 4th in Group
BSG Brazen Bees bsgkid Owner Bulldog

Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch RAs enigmatic enigma RoyalAkita 2.5 Roxanne Leatherwood Golden Retriever Best in Group
Ch Seasar Hidden Treasure Seasar Roxanne Leatherwood Labrador Retriever 2nd in Group
Ranchstar Beefcake Ranchstars Yvette Glover Irish Setter 3rd in Group
Ch Whitegold One Eighteenth Whitegold Kennels Roxanne Leatherwood Sussex Spaniel 4th in Group
JD Hooligan jdoyle Roxanne Leatherwood Irish Water Spaniel
Ch STORMBRINGERS SHIELD BEARER Stormbringer Retrievers Roxanne Leatherwood Flat-Coated Retriever
Shoal River Music Box Nikki420 Claire McAllister German Shorthaired Pointer
Ch Lintons Painted Wagon Linton Farms Owner Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Ch Hot Blue Berries Hot Air Kennels Owner Spinone Italiano
Fluna Wytchcraft Fluna Claire McAllister Vizsla

Terrier Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Lisboa Crossed Wires Lisboa Roxanne Leatherwood Sealyham Terrier Best in Group
GIG Cobalt GraceInGlory Bob Golub Cairn Terrier 2nd in Group
Ch Companions Confuscius Companions Roxanne Leatherwood Bull Terrier 3rd in Group
Ch TNT Travis Tollers N Terriers Roxanne Leatherwood West Highland White Terrier 4th in Group
AppleCreek Four Leaf Jack kats4me Owner Jack Russell Terrier

Toy Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Traiag Je Suis La traiag Bob Golub Pomeranian Best in Group
BSG Positive Prince bsgkiddie Roxanne Leatherwood Pug 2nd in Group
Pekellen Improvisation Pekellen Roxanne Leatherwood Pekingese 3rd in Group
Athena Age of Ultron torokiseru Mick Sherrer Miniature Pinscher 4th in Group
Comet Time Flies Comet Poodles Owner Toy Poodle
Ch AppleCreek Hot Rod Harry kats4me Owner Yorkshire Terrier

Working Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
ISR Behind The Eight Ball Indigo Starr Rottweilers Yvette Glover Rottweiler Best in Group
Ch GLXYs King of Diamonds Gallaxy Roxanne Leatherwood Great Dane 2nd in Group
Rough Edges All Day Tonight Rough Edges Yvette Glover Siberian Husky 3rd in Group
Ch VB Dragonborn at BRK Black Raven Kennels Roxanne Leatherwood Doberman Pinscher 4th in Group
Taymyr Daemon Oath Taymyr Roxanne Leatherwood Samoyed
Ch Myshee High Flying Myshee Claire McAllister Alaskan Malamute
Talini Book Of Dreams Talini Roxanne Leatherwood Appenzeller Sennenhund
ESAN Beast of the Sea ESAN Owner Cane Corso
Mamba Fantasma Mamba Owner Neapolitan Mastiff
Mijas Musical Life Mijas Owner Komondor

Did you know?
At least two wins must be a set of three or more points ("majors"), under two different judges; at least one additional win under a third judge is also required.