Current Entries

Bradfords All Breed 2 - Giant Schnauzer

Current Giant Schnauzer entries for the Bradfords All Breed 2.  This show will be held on 5/30/2021 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 WolfsBane True American WolfsBane K9s Dog 5/2/2021   Owner
 Hemlake Louboutin Hemlake Dog 5/9/2021   Aarthom Rapier
 BarStar Mind On The Money Front Street Kennels Dog 3/18/2021   Owner
 FSK Song For No One Front Street Kennels Bitch 2/6/2021   Owner
 Dukes Frost Duke Kennel Bitch 2/20/2021   Robert Pouk
 FSK Exclamation Mark Front Street Kennels Bitch 3/6/2021   Owner
 C9K9 Carol Baskins WolfsBane K9s Bitch 3/17/2021   Owner
 FSK A Little Respect Front Street Kennels Bitch 4/2/2021   Owner
 FSK Once Upon A Cloud Front Street Kennels Bitch 4/8/2021   Owner
 ECT Combined Effort at FSK Front Street Kennels Bitch 4/10/2021   Owner
 Hemlake Infatuation Hemlake Bitch 4/28/2021   Stew Kellermen
 BarStar Losing My Mind Eurovision Cennel Club Dog 2/10/2021   Robert Pouk
 Dukes Astro Duke Kennel Dog 2/20/2021   Stew Kellermen
 WolfsBane Warrior King WolfsBane K9s Dog 3/22/2021   Owner
 Dukes Onyx Duke Kennel Dog 3/24/2021   Rogane Tuller
 WolfsBane Cool Cats n Kittens WolfsBane K9s Dog 3/24/2021   Owner
 WolfsBane FloBot WolfsBane K9s Dog 3/24/2021   Owner
 FSK Witness Protection Front Street Kennels Dog 4/8/2021   Owner
 WolfsBane Prairie Flower WolfsBane K9s Dog 4/21/2021   Owner
 His Eyes on the LrozeHemlake Hemlake Dog 4/22/2021   Owner
 Hemlake Heir Apparent Hemlake Dog 4/25/2021   Logan Ray
 Hemlake Heir Presumptive Hemlake Dog 4/25/2021   All Mederos
Bred by Exhibitor
 FSK Delightful Sound Front Street Kennels Bitch 2/6/2021   Owner
 FSK Question Mark Front Street Kennels Dog 3/6/2021   Owner
1 to 1 1/2 Months
 WolfsBane King of Cats WolfsBane K9s Dog 4/21/2021   Owner
 C9K9 High Clover Cloud 9 K9s Dog 4/21/2021   Owner

Did you know?
At least two wins must be a set of three or more points ("majors"), under two different judges; at least one additional win under a third judge is also required.