Current Entries

Canmore4 All Breed 21-12-06 - Borzoi

Current Borzoi entries for the Canmore4 All Breed 21-12-06.  This show will be held on 12/6/2021 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 Mandays Looks Like A Duck Manday Kennels Bitch 11/14/2021   Owner
 Mandays Playful Platypus Manday Kennels Bitch 11/14/2021   Owner
 Mandays Wing A Ding Manday Kennels Dog 11/8/2021   Owner
 Mandays Nickelback Manday Kennels Dog 11/9/2021   Owner
 Mandays Walks Like A Duck Manday Kennels Dog 11/14/2021   Owner
 Mandays Hippogriff Manday Kennels Dog 11/14/2021   Owner
 Mandays Silver Secret Manday Kennels Bitch 10/11/2021   Kristen Gowin
 RJ Anastasias Triumph Ranch JAH Bitch 9/22/2021   Veronica Sheidt
 Mandays Mind Games Manday Kennels Bitch 10/11/2021   Owner
 IchaIcha Fiendish Five Anbu Kennel Bitch 10/13/2021   Bob Golub
 Mandays Elsa Enchanted Manday Kennels Bitch 10/15/2021   Owner
 Mandays Intrigue Manday Kennels Dog 9/23/2021   Veronica Sheidt
 IchaIcha Forgotten Chakra Anbu Kennel Dog 10/23/2021   Bob Golub
1 to 1 1/2 Months
 Mandays Mysterious Manday Kennels Dog 10/30/2021   Kristen Gowin

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The largest and most prestigious dog show in America is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, was established in 1877 and is held annually at Madison Square Garden in New York City.