Current Entries

Indiana All Breed 4 - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Current Pembroke Welsh Corgi entries for the Indiana All Breed 4.  This show will be held on 5/28/2021 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 Taylynn Rotschopf Mädchen Taylynn Bitch 5/1/2021   Owner
 Taylynn Tricky Desires Taylynn Bitch 5/2/2021   Owner
 Taylynn Versprich Kind Taylynn Bitch 5/3/2021   Owner
 SFFC Great Courage SFFC Bitch 5/3/2021   Owner
 Taylynn More Than a Fraser Taylynn Bitch 5/6/2021   Owner
 SFFC Elettaria SFFC Bitch 5/12/2021   Owner
 Taylynn Lord Broch Tuarach Taylynn Dog 5/1/2021   Owner
 Taylynn James Alexander Taylynn Dog 5/6/2021   Owner
 Taylynn Unusual Beat Taylynn Dog 5/6/2021   Owner
 SFFC Toffee SFFC Dog 5/8/2021   Owner
 BarStars Time To Kick It Johannesburg Juty Bitch 2/6/2021   Owner
 Woxie Fancy Party from SFFC Woxie2 Bitch 2/9/2021   Owner
 Woxie E Lockett Dream4 Bitch 3/6/2021   Owner
 Taylynn Argentina Taylynn Bitch 3/21/2021   Owner
 Woxie Black Bird Woxie2 Bitch 3/27/2021   Owner
 Woxie Sunflower Woxie2 Bitch 3/28/2021   Owner
 Woxie Not the Last Promise Woxie2 Bitch 4/2/2021   Owner
 Woxie Stuff of My Heart BS Dream4 Bitch 4/6/2021   Owner
 Woxie Black Kick Dream4 Bitch 4/6/2021   Owner
 SFFC Lady in Black SFFC Bitch 4/24/2021   Owner
 SFFC Imagination Dream4 Dog 2/7/2021   Justin Moyer
 Woxie Black Belt Woxie2 Dog 2/10/2021   Owner
 SFFC Double Black Woxie4 Dog 3/3/2021   Jene Moak
 BarStars All Or Nothing The Slough Rovers Dog 3/16/2021   Owner
 SFFC Just Imagine SFFC Dog 3/22/2021   Owner
 Woxie A Good Day Woxie2 Dog 3/28/2021   Owner
 Woxie First Promise Woxie2 Dog 4/2/2021   Owner
 Taylynn Promise A Dear Taylynn Dog 4/4/2021   Owner
 Taylynn Imagination Station Taylynn Dog 4/4/2021   Owner
Bred by Exhibitor
 Woxie Double Black Woxie2 Bitch 4/2/2021   Owner
 Woxie Twice the Promise Woxie2 Bitch 4/2/2021   Owner
1 to 1 1/2 Months
 Taylynn More than Two Taylynn Bitch 4/23/2021   Owner
 Taylynn North Tower Taylynn Bitch 4/25/2021   Owner
 Taylynn Mrs. Falcon Taylynn Bitch 4/25/2021   Owner

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