Below is a list of all of the judges on ShowDog.Com.  For more info on each judge including which handlers they prefer and what traits they consider important, just click on the name of the judge.

Judge Info
Amanda Mclean   Amanda Nava   Andrew Lopez  
Blanca Taylor   Bruce Bass   Daniel Foster  
Daniel Hall   Deborah Walker   Doris Turner  
Eileen Miller   Erik Morris   Ester Arriaga  
George Hunter   Jeff Dunbar   Jolene Ramsey  
Kevin Evans   Lois Lund   Maria Campbell  
Maria Mohr   Marjorie Moore   Martin Thomas  
Michelle Zavala   Myron Carlo   Rachel Barnette  
Rogelio Overturf   Roosevelt Bomar   Sandra Grooms  
Sarah Brush   Scott Jackson   Scott Person  
Stella Worley   Stephen Long   Thomas Olson  
Wilfredo Feaster  

Former Judges
Abigail Cave   Aileen Ley   Alan Magdaleno  
Alexis Sides   Alice Wise   Alisa Fillmore  
Amanda Brantley   Amanda Young   Andy Astor  
Angel Yeung   Angela Perez   Anna Gonzales  
Barbara Munoz   Bennie Wilkins   Betty Price  
Blake Hepler   Blake Hugh   Bobby Mcallister  
Brandon Buckner   Brenda Moore   Brenda Taylor  
Brian Jolly   Brian Oatman   Brian Thomas  
Brooks Wasson   Bryan Walston   Cameron Radcliffe  
Carla Martinez   Carlos Stewart   Carlton Aubin  
Carol Bateman   Casey Wolfe   Charles Perez  
Charles Stallings   Charles Wilson   Christopher Kerr  
Colin Lacy   Colton Kunkle   Cynthia Reed  
Danial Mcdevitt   Daniel Washington   Deborah Burke  
Deforrest Aaren   Diane Garrett   Don Alaniz  
Donald Bennett   Donald Gray   Donna Fox  
Donny Marsh   Dwight James   Earl Feinstein  
Edward Moore   Edward Saavedra   Elizabeth Looney  
Elliott Edgington   Elliott Mcclean   Elvin Galan  
Emerson Shores   Eric Fontenot   Finn McKay  
Florencio Rogers   Forest Gillespie   Frank Gonzalez  
Fred Jennings   Frederica Katalin   Garry Locke  
Gary Hernandez   Gary Martinez   Gary Rivera  
Gary Thompson   George Kennedy   George Wallace  
Germogen Dominique   Gordon Teixeira   Grady Aristophanes  
Graeme Vance   Gregg Merrill   Gwendolyn Gibbons  
Harrison Elias   Herb Hagge   Herbert Lawson  
Herman Mader   Holly Schroeder   Hugo Cazares  
Jacob Dews   James Link   Jared Weiderhold  
Jem Eddy   Jennifer Guerra   Jess Ratliff  
Jesus Russell   Jill Quinton   Jimmy James  
Joesph Synder   Johnnie Robinson   Joseph Flanagan  
Joseph Myles   Joyce Lowery   JT Howden  
Jules Fox   Kelly St Peter   Kelvin Walton  
Kerrie Orval   Keven Ta   Kevin Garcia  
Kevin Taylor   Kristen Wiggs   Kristy Bryant  
Kurt Harvin   Lacey Zachery   Laurence Nielson  
Lazaro Carillo   Lean Hoeffner   Leif Law  
Leona Kiley   Lester Fuller   Lewis Andersen  
Linda House   Linda Sheets   Lisa Gale  
Lisa Harrison   Lorie Nave   Lucio Medrano  
Luella Rogers   Luke Slocum   Lynn Jackson  
Maria Braun   Maria Mitchell   Maria Santiago  
Marion Clark   Mark Sayers   Maximo Jean  
Mendy Menzie   Micah Day   Mickey Bysshe  
Mike Dixon   Misty Scott   Modesto Clem  
Mose Spurgeon   Murray Ingersoll   Nancy Gardner  
Orval Sales   Otto Oswald   Pamela Banks  
Pat Baldwin   Pat Price   Paul Caraway  
Paul Dougherty   Paul Perry   Paul Phillips  
Paul Spencer   Penny Strain   Petar Amelia  
Peter Payne   Petra Anderson   Randall Jackson  
Raymond Valdez   Raymundo Vanderpool   Ronald Schmidt  
Rose Clark   Roy Rick   Russell Le  
Ruth Langham   Ruth Miller   Ryan Juliesen  
Sam Moss   Sandra Conway   Sang Wolfson  
Sarah Smith   Saul Martinez   Shane Walker  
Shari Carroll   Sheldon Hansen   Shelley Roberts  
Stephanie Brawley   Stephen Butler   Stephen Carpenter  
Steven Bolton   Steven Rice   Stevie Davy  
Terrance Lloyd   Terry Lopez   Terry Simmons  
Theodore Belew   Thomas Bartley   Thomas Moore  
Timothy Mccord   Travis Hunter   Trevor Price  
Trudy Walker   Ursula Chavez   Walker Stebbins  
Willian Crutchfield   Yong Burris  

Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
A specialty show is a dog show which reviews a single breed, unlike other dog shows, particularly conformation shows, which are generally referred to as "all-breed" because they are open to all breeds recognized by the sponsoring kennel club.
Did you know?
The first obedience title is a CD, or "Companion Dog", which is earned through competition in the Novice obedience class.