Group Results

Date: 1/3/2018

Herding Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Willowcreek Paradise Found Willowcreek Veronica Sheidt Shetland Sheepdog Best in Group
Ch Alibi Midnight Express Alibi Veronica Sheidt Collie 2nd in Group
Ch Badgerhill Again and Again Badgerhill Veronica Sheidt Belgian Laekenois 3rd in Group
Ch Lanakila Super Mario Lanakila Corgis Veronica Sheidt Cardigan Welsh Corgi 4th in Group
Ch FRK Move Them All Featherrun Bob Golub Pyrenean Shepherd
Ch Vignette Blockbuster Vignette Veronica Sheidt Old English Sheepdog
Ch CSK Rosemary Crimson Shadows Kennel Owner Bouvier des Flandres
Ch Kissangels Midnight Blue. krisk Veronica Sheidt German Shepherd Dog
Ch Ariege Cause A Revolution Lanakila Show Dogs Veronica Sheidt Swedish Vallhund
Ancalagon Olivia B Ancalagon Veronica Sheidt Border Collie
Ch Valheru of Druid Karen RR Veronica Sheidt Belgian Tervuren
Ch Whipperwill Aria whipperwill Veronica Sheidt Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Ch Dandy Emperor Dandylion Kennel Veronica Sheidt Australian Shepherd
Ch Foxhaber Im Melting Foxhaber Veronica Sheidt Bearded Collie
Ch WCK Tick Tick Boom Wind Cove Kennel Owner Polish Lowland Sheepdog
Pond`s Wonderlust Ponds Owner Australian Kelpie

Hound Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Aztecs Making Strides krisasyak Bob Golub Norwegian Elkhound Best in Group
Ch Infusion Wheres Chloe Infusion Veronica Sheidt Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen 2nd in Group
Ch Kilohana Dark And Stormy Night kilohana show dogs Veronica Sheidt Plott 3rd in Group
Ch Flapjacks Holiday Season FlapJacks Veronica Sheidt Irish Wolfhound 4th in Group
Ch Kiroja Random Stripes kiroja Veronica Sheidt Basenji
Ch Kohl But The Beat OfYour Heart Grasslans Veronica Sheidt Afghan Hound
Ch Hailcore War Front HailCore Bob Golub Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Ch Rivertown On The Mississippi Rivertown Veronica Sheidt Dachshund
Monarchs Dickens Monarch2010 Veronica Sheidt Basset Hound
Kohl BlackRoses And Hail Marys Grasslans Veronica Sheidt Borzoi
Ch Gaylanns Bebiankh (17) GaylanStudio4 Veronica Sheidt Pharaoh Hound
Ch MDK Hurricane Mystic Dreams Kennel Owner Azawakh
Ch Barkinmad Another Level Barkinmad Ellen Schroeder Portuguese Podengo
Kohl You Are Never Awake Grasslans** Bob Golub Whippet
Ch Collegedale Book Me Collegedale Veronica Sheidt Ibizan Hound
Ch Rizona Polar Express Rizona Owner American Foxhound
Ch 2Cute4U Jedi Knight Luke Kenway Kennels Jessa McKinnley English Foxhound

Non-Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Lisra Renegade lisra Bob Golub Shiba Inu Best in Group
Ch DenKees Imperial Maiden Aussiewolfsister Bob Golub Keeshond 2nd in Group
MSKs Daenerys Midnight Sky Kennels Veronica Sheidt Lhasa Apso 3rd in Group
Kalyndas Day Trader Kalynda Veronica Sheidt Standard Poodle 4th in Group
Ch Deliverance Neopolitan Deliverance Veronica Sheidt Tibetan Spaniel
Fingerprint Deviled Ham Fingerprint Veronica Sheidt Dalmatian
Ch Collegedale New Semester Collegedale Veronica Sheidt Tibetan Terrier
Ch POM Sleep Till Dawn Puddle Of Mud Owner Alaskan Klee Kai
Ch Temora Dusk Till Dawn Temora Owner French Bulldog
EV Mitch Ellenvees Owner Finnish Spitz
Mystiques Ice Ice Baby midnitemystique Owner Chow Chow

Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Seasar Wild Heart Seasar Veronica Sheidt Labrador Retriever Best in Group
Ch AbB Obsessed by Grief AbleBaker Veronica Sheidt Kooikerhondje 2nd in Group
Ch Kleenex Cargery Newwave Veronica Sheidt Curly-Coated Retriever 3rd in Group
Ch Willow Bowl Of Flowers Willow Tree Farm Veronica Sheidt American Cocker Spaniel 4th in Group
Ch Baileys What Happened Grasslans* Bob Golub English Setter
Ch BH Lord of The Flies Mustardville Veronica Sheidt Clumber Spaniel
Ch Upatsix Kiss My Class Upatsix Veronica Sheidt Irish Red and White Setter
Idyllwild Petals In The Storm HillShine Bob Golub Pointer
Wyndhaven French Kiss Grasslans* Bob Golub English Springer Spaniel
Ch GoldenBs The Heart Factor Golden Bridge Bob Golub Golden Retriever
Ch Acquiesce Givemeaminit Acquiesce Bob Golub Sussex Spaniel
WildWater*s Envious Spellcraft Kennel Veronica Sheidt Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Ch Whitegold Khasim Whitegold Bob Golub Flat-Coated Retriever
SwAt Mambo SwAt_589 Owner American Water Spaniel
Ch Rivacre Space Oddity Rivacre Gundogs Veronica Sheidt Brittany
Ch Ranchstar Beefeater Gin Ranchstars Veronica Sheidt Irish Setter
Ch Dondaig Loves Dream pooh98 Chry Krell Gordon Setter
Ch WCK Long Ryders Wind Cove Kennel Owner Spinone Italiano
Korthals Liam O Enchante Enchante Owner Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Ch FFK The Cure Foxfire Kennel Owner Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Terrier Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Northcrest Dr Noseworthy Northcrest Veronica Sheidt Irish Terrier Best in Group
Ch Lily Of Yorks (17) gaylanstudio8 Veronica Sheidt Airedale Terrier 2nd in Group
Ch Whatthe The Warrier Whatthe Veronica Sheidt Kerry Blue Terrier 3rd in Group
Ch Glitter Suori Glittering Bob Golub Sealyham Terrier 4th in Group
Ch MS Gather At The River Masterfull Veronica Sheidt Welsh Terrier
Ch Flapjacks Moon River FlapJacks Bob Golub Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Ch Kiroja Laughing All The Way kiroja Veronica Sheidt Miniature Schnauzer
Ch Mensa Selle Frances Mensa Veronica Sheidt Lakeland Terrier
Ch Shandton Chutzpah Shandton Veronica Sheidt Miniature Bull Terrier
Ch Acquiesce Stage Fright Acquiesce Veronica Sheidt Norwich Terrier
Ch Firestoaker The Bandito FireStoaker Veronica Sheidt Australian Terrier
Ch Kingfisher Cheerleader Kingfisher Veronica Sheidt Smooth Fox Terrier
Ch Gaylans Wish Maker (17) Icekist Veronica Sheidt Wire Fox Terrier
Ch Firestoaker Taking a Knee FireStoaker Veronica Sheidt Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Ch GIG Elden GraceInGlory Veronica Sheidt Cairn Terrier
Dazzln I Like The Odds (S) Dazzln Veronica Sheidt Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Ch Circuitry Zane Gray Circuitry Veronica Sheidt Skye Terrier
Ch TDH Main Man The Doggs House Bob Golub American Staffordshire Terrier
Ch Airboarding Foxfire Light Airboarding Sardonyx Veronica Sheidt Border Terrier
Auchenleck Heading West Pommiegold Terriers II Kristen Gowin West Highland White Terrier
Ch Masterfull Dr Egbe Masterfull Veronica Sheidt Jack Russell Terrier
Brickhouse Spiritos northywoods Roxanne Leatherwood Bull Terrier
Ch TT Dare Ya Companions Owner Rat Terrier
HS Regarding This Highland Scotties Owner Scottish Terrier
Ch Meili*s Hail Andromeda Squeaky318 Owner Manchester Terrier

Toy Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch BBB Assassins Creed Basic Bs Bostons Veronica Sheidt Toy Fox Terrier Best in Group
Traiag Purple Sky traiag Veronica Sheidt Pomeranian 2nd in Group
Keeskee One Moment In Time Keeskee Veronica Sheidt Pekingese 3rd in Group
Ch SilknT Tri Fly SilknT Veronica Sheidt Silky Terrier 4th in Group
Ch Kirk Got Zoomies Zoomies Veronica Sheidt Papillon
Noelas Queen in Tikal Noela Veronica Sheidt Chinese Crested Dog
Sandchape Keeping The Promise Sandchape Veronica Sheidt English Toy Spaniel
Ch MalteseDreams Risque Romeo MalteseDreams Veronica Sheidt Maltese
Ch Keeskee On A Night Like This Keeskee Veronica Sheidt Japanese Chin
Halcyon Carey Halcyon Delight Owner Shih Tzu
Coffeehouse Wind In My Face Coffeehouse Bob Golub Italian Greyhound
Enchante Ebony Enchante Owner Manchester Toy Terrier

Working Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Mamba Wicked Winter Zoomies Veronica Sheidt Caucasian Mountain Dog Best in Group
Semper Fi All Eyes On Me Semper Fidelis Kennels Veronica Sheidt Alaskan Malamute 2nd in Group
Ch Kilohana Blue Angels Kilohana Kennels Veronica Sheidt Mastiff 3rd in Group
Ladykencos Edge Of Hell Moon Acres Veronica Sheidt Dogue de Bordeaux 4th in Group
Ch Lanakila With A LittleLuck Lanakila Show Dogs Veronica Sheidt Bullmastiff
Ch Lanakila Stagefright Lanakila PWD Veronica Sheidt Portuguese Water Dog
Kitsune Wicked Ways Kitsune Shibas Kath Hazlett Akita
Ch Indigo Starrs Unchain My Heart Indigo Starr Rottweilers Bob Golub Rottweiler
Ch Foxhaber on the Side Foxhaber Veronica Sheidt Beauceron
Ch Summerwind Dark Obsession Summerwind Kennels Veronica Sheidt Boxer
Ch ESAN Zeus ESAN Bob Golub Great Dane
Shandton Vaquero Shandton Veronica Sheidt Argentine Dogo
Ch ESAN The Jeweller Temora Bob Golub Doberman Pinscher
Ch Tundras Strait Truth South Canada Veronica Sheidt Anatolian Shepherd
Aztecs Angels Among Us krisasyak Kristen Gowin Siberian Husky
Amytis Frau Des Kalvarienbergs Amytis Owner Cane Corso
Ch Kohl Perfect TimeTo SayGoodbye Temora Owner Estrela Mountain Dog
Ch Iceridge Jamaica Me Crazy Iceridge Veronica Sheidt Samoyed
Ch Power Haus Triumph Power Haus Owner Standard Schnauzer
Ch Guenons Fisher Guenon Kennels 2 Owner Great Pyrenees

Did you know?
At least two wins must be a set of three or more points ("majors"), under two different judges; at least one additional win under a third judge is also required.