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Author Topic : Hello again! + breeding for color?
 PicketFence Kennels
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Hi all!

I used to play SD way back in the day and now I'm back again, and having a blast happy :) I'm loving a lot of the changes that have been particular, the handlers and their rankings being listed on the Choose Handler page...I distinctly remember being on a dial up connection and constantly switching back and forth between the handler rankings, the judge preference page, and the Choose Handler page! XD

Question for all of you. I've noticed that maybe all of the Cardigans in the game right now are listed as some variation of Double Merle. I did some quick reading and discovered that DM is a dangerous trait in RL dogs that can often result in blindness, deafness, and other genetic problems. I thought about bringing in some source dogs and combining them with existing lines to work on breeding out the DM trait. Has anyone had success breeding with color in mind? Do SD genetics work like real life ones, i.e. breeding two merles yields a double merle?

Thanks all. It's good to be back. happy :)

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Welcome back.
Yes many players colour breed with success to bring g back lost or rare colours.

On your breed page there is a link for the colour genetics used for that breed. But merle should work the same as rl avoiding breeding two merles if double merle isn't wanted. Although it has no effect on the dogs in the game.

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Welcome back.
 good stuff
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Lol I remember that, picking out handlers was a pain.
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Yep - I'm currently working on starting a source bred line of cardigans to add diversity back up!
 Draig Cartref
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I brought in brindle, blue brindle and sable with source dogs last year. Presently I have source dogs at SOP 30-40.
Let me know if I can help you with initial stock.
 Aerealana Kennels
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I'm so glad! I haven't played in about a decade and I remember the days of having an entire folder of pages of judge preferences, and choosing handlers being almost a part time job! Glad it's gotten easier, much more glad I chose to come back, now!

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