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Author Topic : Why are there so many judges?
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I thought that they were supposed to retire at some point...? With so many, it makes it difficult to take advantage of those that have "a tendency to like dogs the more often they're seen", as they may only judge one or two all breed shows during a dog's entire show career.

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Ah, the eternal question. Used to be, judges actually did retire and we had a smaller pool to pick from. You learned the likes and dislikes and could show accordingly. Now it a mish mash of every judge who ever judged on the site from what I can tell. Honestly, I just don't have the time to try to sort them out anymore. Some I remember from the good ol' days and sometimes I just enter dogs under owner handler judges because it's so much faster.

For me to go through each kennel and enter dogs and look up the judges each time takes hours.

It's probably my biggest pet peeve about the site these days.
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Something I have been wondering about, when it says "very political judge", do their preferences change depending on who is at the top of the handler list? Or do they like whatever handler was #1 at the time they were programmed?
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I believe it's based on personality type between the judge and handler so a judge's handler list stays the same.

The handlers rank will change depending on their success, which is dependant on their skill but also on their best judges getting assignments. If their judges are currently doing lots of shows, they get more opportunities to do well. If their judges are not judging much they may drop in rank, although their skill will remain the same.

Although the judges are not retiring, they do seem to go through periods of reduced activity.

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It STARTED as a pool of 40 judges. It looks like common core math now. Ha ha!

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