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Author Topic : How are top kennels figured? The #1 kennel is empty!
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The top kennel in the game has no dogs in it, nor does it list when they last signed in! I finally made top 10, and was checking out various kennels to see what else I might need to do to advance. Some of the higher kennels have only bred less than 100 dogs, and this kennel has over 1000. Do I have to be in a popular breed with lots of BIS? Bulldogs aren't so popular, so I'm wondering what to focus on to up my kennel ranking. Any ideas? I do show daily, and try to finish all my dogs.
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Yeah, the top kennel list is correct except the #1 kennel. Its been a glitch for a couple years.

So I always just think of the #2 slot starting the rankings.

Showing is the biggest influence on the rankings. Rankings are based on the last 30 days.

I wouldn't focus on adding a bunch of new breeds to your kennel for breeding. Just pick up one or two from a good breeder and try to pick up group and show placings while working on your breed.

Here are a few breeds I think you could try and see if they help your rankings:
Belgian Tervs
Standard Poodles

Hope this helps.
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Thanks BarStar!

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