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Author Topic : addiction to pressing buttons
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I have been on SD for over 10 years and have taken breaks and sold dogs in kennels/closed kennels but can never seem to quit permanently.

I have lost interest in the game for a while but just cannot seem to press those "Quick List for Sale" or "Forever Home" buttons. Sometimes I downgrade and leave a kennel full of dogs and don't log in, keep studs up for people in case the breed needs help, etc. But doing this encourages me to return eventually to breed a new generation so the old isn't lost.

I enjoy naming, seeing pedigrees grow, the anticipation of a litter's sop and traits. But I honestly do think that I should give the game up soon. It's been part of my life for the greater part of the last decade and sometimes I just think it's a waste of money, but I have a great attachment to the game and past dogs.

Now that so many breeds need help, I also feel guilty trying to leave breeds that have one or none other active breeders. That's why I always put studs up if I have to leave a kennel for a while.
Sometimes I wish we could freeze embryos and semen on here too for that very purpose.

Then I begin to justify it for the reasons stated above. The thing is the actual interest in the game, like the desire to hit that breed button as soon as I see it has faded. Often I keep a kennel full of open females because I just don't really care, where before the Breed | Enter down the list got me so excited to play.

All the generations of breeding my own dogs and building my lines I feel might have been for nothing, if I just FH or sell them and let the line fizzle away. I guess it's not that big of a deal in comparison to real dogs and lines, but it still is a downer to think about.

I may be the only one like this and I hope I am because it's a sucky feeling! I wish I cared less about my game dogs like some people who are able to close kennels in a pinch; if I could do that I would never have bred almost a thousand champions in the game. I'm proud of my effort; I suppose that is what matters in the end of my time on SD.

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I, too, feel your frustration. I recently reactivated my family account to rescue 3 struggling breeds. For kennels who have all dogs in the high 90 SOPs, it is not difficult to have a crap ton of game money and great dogs because they win prize money from the struggling breeds and can breed to their heart's content. If it hadn't been for some abandoned kennels that left their studs up, I wouldn't be as far along as I am in some of the new breeds.

What would you think if Admin opened up an avenue to "buy" game money (like how King/Candy Crush games work)? I honestly don't know how that would affect the game economy. For those of us that came back to build a breed, having to put the entire kennel on crappy food, not show, and not breed takes too long and we lose not only interest, but hope. What would you think is reasonable? $5 real money for $500 game money?
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Do you sell your sessions? If you set your kennel to receive the highest session amount allowed, then sell all extras you can get a lot of extra money. They sell for 5$ each so with getting 48 a day it’s easy to make a bit of extra cash.
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Yes, although I don't sell them all. I try to session just enough to show. It's a precarious balance trying to keep the kennel ranking up by showing, and staying in the black.

I was referring above to the only option admin lists for getting out of debt. Thanks for looking out for me!

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2/22/2021 11:01:42 AM reply with quote send message to .LYNX Object to Post

Yep we definitely grow attached to our fake dogs! happy :)
I also find it hard to quit or stop a kennel, but I know that my breedings did make an impact on the game somehow. I just leave dogs up for sale or stud so that if anyone 300 days down the road needs a foundation, they can have mine. I've done this with a few others breeds over the years and it is really helpful to those people, even if you can't sell them now.

Orrr you could just think of it like a cup of fancy coffee that lasts for a month of pleasure!

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