Group Results

Date: 3/5/2019

Herding Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Sweetbrier Cashmere KaPri Ellen Schroeder Australian Shepherd Best in Group
Ch KDH Johnny B Goode KDH Ellen Schroeder German Shepherd Dog 2nd in Group
Ch Clay Creek Its All Greek To Me Maplewood Lane Annee Lino Border Collie 3rd in Group
Ch PaSt Small Town Life at Druid Niobe Ellen Schroeder Belgian Tervuren 4th in Group
Ch Lanakila SpaceShuttleCommander Lanakila Show Dogs Ellen Schroeder Swedish Vallhund
Ch Alibi Pawprints In The Snow Alibi Ellen Schroeder Collie
Ch Lanakila No I Am Your Father Lanakila Corgis Ellen Schroeder Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Ch Willowcreek Blackjack Willowcreek Ellen Schroeder Shetland Sheepdog
Sunnierhawk0s Dip It Low Sunnierhawk0 Ellen Schroeder Australian Cattle Dog
NippinHeels Rowine NippinHeels Ellen Schroeder Belgian Malinois
Ch Taylynn Bears Beets BSG Taylynn Owner Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Foxhaber Family Time Tanzinite Owner Bearded Collie
Ch SummitRidge Addiction P Pivotal Pumis Owner Pumi

Hound Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Seasar Jezzabelle Seasar Ellen Schroeder English Foxhound Best in Group
Breslin Idina Breslin Ellen Schroeder Borzoi 2nd in Group
Houndsome Anticipation Newwave Ellen Schroeder Beagle 3rd in Group
Ch Kiroja Judicial Branch kiroja Ellen Schroeder Basenji 4th in Group
HiRoad Posidon pinkandred34 Bart Alderette Afghan Hound
Ch KK`s Top-of-the-World Kombo Ellen Schroeder Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Ch Borealis FBI Special Agent Borealis Whippets Owner Whippet
Ch Whisper Pine Super Ace Dances And Prances Owner Dachshund
Ch Kjelvik High Stakes Hunting Front Street Kennels Owner Norwegian Elkhound
Ch FSKII Ender*s Game Front Street Kennels II Owner Otterhound
Ch Tammo Queen Bee tammo Owner Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen
Finis Maden IllinoisCD Owner Pharaoh Hound

Non-Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Windgate Black Whisper Windgate Ellen Schroeder Standard Poodle Best in Group
Ch Baymill Miss Rogue baymill Ellen Schroeder Keeshond 2nd in Group
Ch BS* The Mermaid Brooksides Ellen Schroeder Boston Terrier 3rd in Group
Ch Semper Fi New Hope Semper Fidelis Kennels Ellen Schroeder Schipperke 4th in Group
Ch McIntosh Calamity Jane Mcintosh Kennel Ellen Schroeder Miniature Poodle
Ch Radiant Street Savvy Radiant Ellen Schroeder Tibetan Spaniel
Ch Baymill Standing Order baymill Ellen Schroeder Finnish Spitz
Ch DCoys Hourglass Figure Dancing Coyote Annee Lino French Bulldog
Ch Flarora Br Winston Flarora Ellen Schroeder Tibetan Terrier
Ch Tuxedo Sweet Lorraine Tuxedo Swing Owner German Spitz

Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Ranchstar Florence Ranchstars Ellen Schroeder Irish Setter Best in Group
Ch Brocks Dark Knight Rises Brock Hill Ellen Schroeder Golden Retriever 2nd in Group
Outrigger Iamie Outrigger Ellen Schroeder Irish Water Spaniel 3rd in Group
Ch Marvien North Sea Breeze springersnz Ellen Schroeder English Springer Spaniel 4th in Group
Ch Rivacre Cointreau Rivacre Gundogs Ellen Schroeder Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Ch Gaylanns TwentyOne Guns (19) GaylanStudio1 Ellen Schroeder Pointer
Rossett Front Row Fan Rossett Spaniels Ellen Schroeder Welsh Springer Spaniel
Sunreigh Scotch N Soda Sunreigh Annee Lino German Shorthaired Pointer
Ch Baymill Hot Pot baymill Ellen Schroeder Field Spaniel
Ch Rivacre Izzy Rivacre Gundogs Ellen Schroeder Brittany
Ch Wigwam Titanium Wigwam kennels Ellen Schroeder Gordon Setter
Ch Whitegold River Nile Whitegold Ellen Schroeder Flat-Coated Retriever
Ch Czardas Esmerelda Czardas Ellen Schroeder Vizsla
TriStar Memphis Blues TriStar Kennels Ellen Schroeder English Setter
Ch Whitegold Arm Chair Whitegold Kennels Ellen Schroeder Sussex Spaniel
Ch Leo*s The Ruler Sansouci Ellen Schroeder Labrador Retriever
Ch Sandman Mickey Speliala Ellen Schroeder Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
TwoRivers Song Of The Heart Two Rivers Owner German Wirehaired Pointer
Ch GracefieldSD Coconut Rum Gracefield Sportdogs Owner Lagotto Romagnolo
Ch UW Cageless Colton UnicornWonderland Annee Lino Spanish Water Dog
Sterling Sapphire Sterling SilverKennels Owner Weimaraner
Ch SBD Copa Cabana Shiny Bright Diamonds Owner Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Terrier Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Coodarali Cayenne Pepper Coodarali Ellen Schroeder American Staffordshire Terrier Best in Group
Ch Briarmoore Night Hawk Briarmoore Ellen Schroeder Cairn Terrier 2nd in Group
Baymill Happy Talk baymill Ellen Schroeder Wire Fox Terrier 3rd in Group
Brocks Lady Penelope Brock Hill Ellen Schroeder Airedale Terrier 4th in Group
MNs Roasted-Almond Mach Number Ellen Schroeder Miniature Bull Terrier
Ch Radiant Blockbuster Radiant Ellen Schroeder Kerry Blue Terrier
Ch Charmason Point Campbell Charmason Ellen Schroeder Norfolk Terrier
Ch Kiroja Remember The Brave kiroja Ellen Schroeder Miniature Schnauzer
Skyfalls Begin Again Skyfall Kennels Ellen Schroeder Skye Terrier
Kingfisher Triplicet pinkandred34 Alejam Zapien Smooth Fox Terrier
Ch ELZ Funky Town Elzia Owner Glen of Imaal Terrier
Ch BitteBling Ballroom Blitz Bitte Bling Owner West Highland White Terrier
Ch FaisDoDo Cooyon Fais Do Do Owner Manchester Terrier
Minty Medic shadow072000 Owner Jack Russell Terrier
Wild Oak Black Walnut WildOakKennels Owner Norwich Terrier

Toy Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Intrinsicc Blue Frost Intrinsicc Ellen Schroeder Italian Greyhound Best in Group
Ch Comet Outlander Comet Poodles Ellen Schroeder Toy Poodle 2nd in Group
Ch Halcyon Sweet Shop halcyonlisa Ellen Schroeder Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 3rd in Group
Ch Plus Prince Harold Plus Ellen Schroeder Papillon 4th in Group
Whatadogz Whoohooing Whatadog Owner Chinese Crested Dog
Silver Seal Charm School Silver Seal Kennel Annee Lino Manchester Toy Terrier
Ch Tamiami Deja Vu Tamiami Kennels Owner Pug
Ch Brocks Good Times pinkandred34 Alles Vickers Affenpinscher
Ch JKizmets Opportunity Awaits Just kizmet Owner Japanese Chin

Working Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch The Truth d*Aramal Aramal Basic Ellen Schroeder Doberman Pinscher Best in Group
Wordsmith Kentucky Gambler Wordsmith Ellen Schroeder Great Dane 2nd in Group
Keyshell At KC Wonderbitch Keyshell Ellen Schroeder Rottweiler 3rd in Group
Ch 4 The Horde Archmage For the Horde Ellen Schroeder Siberian Husky 4th in Group
Absolut Cotopaxi Absolut Ellen Schroeder Argentine Dogo
Ch Brocks Next Generation Vortex* Ellen Schroeder Akita
Ch Shelleon Winter Leo shelleon Ellen Schroeder Leonberger
Moon Acres Show Time Moon Acres Ellen Schroeder Dogue de Bordeaux
Grafton Nazri Grafton Ellen Schroeder Bullmastiff
Ch Nefarious Zinfandel Nefarious Kennels Ellen Schroeder Cane Corso
Ch HV Darkness Uncovered Wigwam kennels Ellen Schroeder Black Russian Terrier
RRoxs Tom Hanks RebelRox Ellen Schroeder Beauceron
Ch A Great Farewell of Rockwood Dogs of Rockwood Ellen Schroeder Tibetan Mastiff
Ridley Pirate Ridley Ellen Schroeder Kuvasz
Ch KDH Lady Luck KDH Kelly LaFoy Alaskan Malamute
Ch SummitRidge Bleu Susie SummitRidge Owner Standard Schnauzer
Pinnacle Energetic Pinnacle Pinschers Owner German Pinscher
Ch Beau`s Helios BeauBlanc Owner Anatolian Shepherd

Did you know?
The figure 8 exercise requires the team to heel in a figure 8 pattern either on or off leash. Generally two of the ring stewards will assist the judge with this exercise by acting as "posts", standing 8 feet apart, that the team walks around to form the loops of the figure 8.