Group Results

Date: 8/16/2019

Herding Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch KDH Wildfire KDH Justin Moyer German Shepherd Dog Best in Group
Ch Silverlea Inner Circle Dream Castle Kennels Justin Moyer Border Collie 2nd in Group
Ch BK Nothing But A Bas***d.! Worthing Justin Moyer Shetland Sheepdog 3rd in Group
Ch Vighardur of Druid Druid Justin Moyer Belgian Tervuren 4th in Group
Ch HR Rizzo HeatherRose Justin Moyer Australian Cattle Dog
Ch BlaznHot Misstep country k9 dog kennel Justin Moyer Australian Shepherd
Ch Lanakila Hells Angels Lanakila Corgis Justin Moyer Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Ch Lanakila Reigning Fire Lanakila Show Dogs Justin Moyer Swedish Vallhund
Wynstone Make it Pretty Wynstone Justin Moyer Pyrenean Shepherd
Ch RAs seven wonders RoyalAkita 2.1 Bill Meyer Pumi
Ch Nefarious Dr. Seuss Nefarious Kennels Owner Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Ch Sierra Sunrise RussellsDream Owner Briard

Hound Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Tarot Too Many Promises BeauBlanc Justin Moyer Afghan Hound Best in Group
Ch Fenix California Dreaming Fenix Justin Moyer Whippet 2nd in Group
Ch T. Double or Nothing tiamerou Julie Patton Dachshund 3rd in Group
Ch Halcyon Do What You Want Riverdance Kennel Julie Patton Borzoi 4th in Group
Ch Seasar Juniper Seasar Justin Moyer English Foxhound
KK`s Ice-Breaker Kombo Justin Moyer Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Ch Rizona Expect The Best Rizona Owner American Foxhound
Ch AzIn Queen Of The Nile *10.0* Azawakh Inc. Owner Azawakh
Ch Sunflowers Deva SunflowerStar Owner Pharaoh Hound

Non-Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Shelhond Irish Midnight shelhond Justin Moyer Keeshond Best in Group
Ch Dreammyst Texas Holdem Dreammyst Julie Patton Standard Poodle 2nd in Group
Ch Semper Fi Best Kept Secret Semper Fidelis Kennels Justin Moyer Schipperke 3rd in Group
Ch Radiant Magic Johnson Radiant Justin Moyer Tibetan Spaniel 4th in Group
Ch RydeRDie Blossom Special RydeRDie Owner Finnish Spitz
Ch Fingerprint Smoke and Mirrors Fingerprint Owner Dalmatian
BVK Rags to Riches Butte Valley Kennels Owner Bulldog
RW Mohegan Gambler WeBfOrMaT10615 Owner Chow Chow
Ch BBK Fresh Start Black Bog Kennels Sunset Herders Miniature Poodle

Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Seasar Germanicus Seasar Justin Moyer Golden Retriever Best in Group
Ch Andy*s Beside Myself Andy*s Justin Moyer Labrador Retriever 2nd in Group
Ch Whitegold Furniture on Point Whitegold Kennels Justin Moyer Sussex Spaniel 3rd in Group
Ch RAs mirage RoyalAkita 2.1 Bill Meyer Pointer 4th in Group
Ch Ranchstar Dylan Ranchstars Julie Patton Irish Setter
Ch STORMBRINGERS MAGNUMS DANDY Stormbringer Retrievers Greg Alexander Flat-Coated Retriever
Ch BarStar Tupelo Honey Dondaig RoyalAkita 2.1 Peren Troy Gordon Setter
Ch Berry Gods and Monsters Berry Brits Justin Moyer Brittany
Kohl WatchStormsOutTheWindow HSKennel Justin Moyer Irish Red and White Setter
Ch TwoRivers Glass House Shoal River Kennel Owner German Wirehaired Pointer
Ch Gaylanns Oh Fudge (19) GaylanStudio2 Owner English Cocker Spaniel
Ch CLWYDs Gun Moll Lilac Kennel Owner American Cocker Spaniel
Ch MPDAs Back in Black Mypuppydoesagility Owner Field Spaniel
Ch GracefieldSD Dazzle Gracefield Sportdogs Owner Lagotto Romagnolo
Ch Decoys Spellbinder @ Newwave Newwave Justin Moyer Spanish Water Dog
Zinga’s Spicey Fiesta Silvercreeks Silversiberians Kooikerhondje
Ch Flush Hot Thrills Flush Owner Welsh Springer Spaniel
Ch HSs Moving Along HSKennel Owner Weimaraner
Shoal River Noble Command Shoal River Kennel Owner German Shorthaired Pointer
Ch Alpine Dawn RussellsDream Owner Portuguese Pointer
Ch Hot Blue Bird Flies Hot Air Kennels Owner Spinone Italiano
OCo. Next American Idol Oliver and Co. Owner Curly-Coated Retriever
Ch GracefieldSP Tamor Crown Gracefield Sporting Owner Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Terrier Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Glitter Lost Philosophy Glittering Justin Moyer Sealyham Terrier Best in Group
Ch Beau`s Shutterfly Shelburne 2 Justin Moyer American Staffordshire Terrier 2nd in Group
Ch Andy*s Keeping Up Appearances Whatthe Justin Moyer Kerry Blue Terrier 3rd in Group
Ch Decoys Italian Song decoy swd Justin Moyer Wire Fox Terrier 4th in Group
Ch Blazons WallStreet Blazon Bull Terriers Flozell Tucker Bull Terrier
Ch TNT Travis Tollers N Terriers Justin Moyer West Highland White Terrier
Ch Sardonyx Summer Dazed Airboarding Sardonyx Justin Moyer Norwich Terrier
Ch Nefarious Extravagant Shandton 3 Justin Moyer Miniature Schnauzer
Blazons Rainbow Blazon Bull Terriers Justin Moyer Jack Russell Terrier
Bryers Deja Vu at Whispers Seagram Roxanne Leatherwood Smooth Fox Terrier
Airboarding Castaway O`Brannon Owner Border Terrier
Clanwize Lady Runetta Clanwize Owner Airedale Terrier
Ch Tamiami Let There Be Rock Tamiami Kennels Owner Cairn Terrier
Ch GoldRivers Black Tie Man Goldriver Owner Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Ch BitteBling Dust In The Wind Bitte Bling Owner Skye Terrier
Ch FaisDoDo Crusin N Boozin Fais Do Do Owner Manchester Terrier
Ch HiRoad Summertime Sadness HiRoad Owner Glen of Imaal Terrier

Toy Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Halcyon First Night halcyonlisa Justin Moyer Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Best in Group
Ch Plus Winsome Lass Plus Justin Moyer Papillon 2nd in Group
Ch Sandchape Above And Beyond Sandchape Justin Moyer English Toy Spaniel 3rd in Group
Intrinsicc Monte Intrinsicc Justin Moyer Italian Greyhound 4th in Group
Ch Iysys Crime of Passion Iysys Owner Chinese Crested Dog
Ch Tamiami Chasin The Wind Tamiami Kennels Owner Pug
Ch RydeRDie How Do I Live RydeRDie Owner Maltese
Ch DMs Secret Charm Diamond Mountain Owner Havanese
Ch Shenandoah Basswood ShenandoahKennels Owner Pomeranian
Ch Athena Lucky How Marvelous torokiseru Owner Affenpinscher

Working Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Velvet`s Teenager in Love XiZang Justin Moyer Boxer Best in Group
Ch Keyshell Darkness Silhouette Keyshell Justin Moyer Rottweiler 2nd in Group
Ch GLXYs Jack of Hearts Gallaxy Justin Moyer Great Dane 3rd in Group
Ch Jaegers Step In Time Jaeger Kennels Flozell Tucker Leonberger 4th in Group
Ch Lanakila Queen Of The North Lanakila PWD Justin Moyer Portuguese Water Dog
Ch Serena Rosabella Alta Fortezza Dreisaiah Hundehutte Justin Moyer Cane Corso
Ch Europa Saint Facade Aramal Basic Justin Moyer Doberman Pinscher
Ch KDH Red Baron KDH Justin Moyer Siberian Husky
Ch KDH Bumble Bee KDH Justin Moyer Alaskan Malamute
Ch Shelmast Asylum Satan shelmast Julie Patton Tibetan Mastiff
Ch WishMaker PrismsInTheMoonlight WishMaker Owner Samoyed
Ch GracefieldSD Black Widow Gracefield Sportdogs Owner Argentine Dogo

Did you know?
The first obedience title is a CD, or "Companion Dog", which is earned through competition in the Novice obedience class.