Group Results

Date: 8/31/2018

Herding Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Intrinsic Silver Evolution Intrinsic Tervs Owner Belgian Tervuren Best in Group
Ch TKs Classical tarad202 Owner Pembroke Welsh Corgi 2nd in Group
Ch BarStar Level Up Berry Kennels Owner Australian Shepherd 3rd in Group
Ch Iconic Euchre Trick Iconic Owner Pyrenean Shepherd 4th in Group
Ch Lanakila Aurora Borealis Lanakila Show Dogs Owner Swedish Vallhund
Kohl When Your Soul Embarks Blazing Fury Owner Old English Sheepdog
Ch KDH Blue Max KDH Owner German Shepherd Dog
Ch Marquetry Precinct Captain Marquetry Owner Belgian Sheepdog
Ch Kleenex Chocolateer Kleenex Kennels 5 Owner Border Collie
Ch Aramal Inconceivable Karen RR Owner Belgian Laekenois
Ch ESAN Nightrunner ESAN Owner Norwegian Buhund
Ch Icecapade Rip Tide Auskel Owner Australian Kelpie
Ch Trubador*s Black Pepper Trubador*s Kennel Owner Puli
Ch Lanakila QuestForPerfection Lanakila Corgis Owner Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Ch CSK Over The Rainbow Shelburne 3 Owner Bouvier des Flandres
Ch Kohl You Left Your Mark Foxhaber Owner Bearded Collie
Ch Kleenex Magnurion Passion Storm Owner Collie
Ch Kleenex Tie Dye Kleenex Kennels 6 Owner Shetland Sheepdog
Ch Cwm Seren Something Extra Cwm Seren Kennel Owner Polish Lowland Sheepdog
Ch CL Fire Child Crested life Owner Briard
Brokens Hammerhead CashmereKnl Owner Australian Cattle Dog
Ch Picardy Sunrise Picardy Owner Mudi
Ch NippinHeels Lank NippinHeels Owner Belgian Malinois
Ch Irvine Maverick Irvine Owner Bergamasco
Ch JPumi Magnum Force Just Pumi Owner Pumi

Hound Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Tasko i can and i will tasko Owner English Foxhound Best in Group
Ch Heavenly Close to Perfection Heavenly Hacienda Owner Borzoi 2nd in Group
Ch Enchante Ridge Edna Perrifield Owner Rhodesian Ridgeback 3rd in Group
Ch Willow Bubble Gum Willow Tree Farm Owner Whippet 4th in Group
Ch Peregrins Ugur Peregrin Owner Saluki
Ch Diego Constellation Diego Kennels Owner Ibizan Hound
Ch Somerset Bend The Knee Hollow Oak Owner Basset Hound
Ch Fieldstar Just Naked Fieldstar Owner Redbone Coonhound
Ch Fury Eye of God Kjelvik Owner Norwegian Elkhound
Ch Gaylanns Amenemhat (18) GaylanStudio4 Owner Pharaoh Hound
Ch Rivertown Walkin On Water Rivertown Owner Dachshund
Ch Agamede Odin Agamede Owner Greyhound
Ch Achill Gunna Eile Mayo Magic Owner Irish Wolfhound
Ch Rizona Next Bold Move Rizona Owner American Foxhound
Ch Tarot White Rabbit Tarot Owner Afghan Hound
Ch Lost Hill Mountain Twilight Lost Hill Owner Black and Tan Coonhound
Ch Kaze Arashi Music Phatom Hime View Kennel Owner Harrier
Ch Azalea Hill Whiplash Azalea Hill Owner Bloodhound
Ch Carons Make Me Smile Cwm Ddu Owner Beagle
Ch BadDog Shady Stranger Guiding Senjis Owner Basenji
Ch Shandton3 Rhapsody Shandton 3 Owner Azawakh
Ch Picardy Cold Light Picardy Owner Scottish Deerhound
Ch **funhund** Old St Nick karmynandkodyn Owner Otterhound
Ch Kilohana Happily Maui*d kilohana show dogs Owner Plott
Ch Rivertown In Treatment Rivertown Owner Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Ch Infusion Head Over Heels Infusion Owner Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen
Ch Myths Pixie Dust Myths Owner Thai Ridgeback
Ch Kindred Tetley ali-kins Owner Portuguese Podengo

Non-Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch BarStar Make A Little Magic Fingerprint Owner Dalmatian Best in Group
Amazes Puff Princess Pixel Premiere Owner Bichon Frise 2nd in Group
Ch Semper Fi Bombshell Babe Semper Fidelis Kennels Owner Schipperke 3rd in Group
Nachthunde Kotomichi Nachthunde Owner Tibetan Terrier 4th in Group
Ch DreamTeam Tempest Dream-Team Owner Standard Poodle
Ch Arkay3 Gray Ghost Arkay3 Owner Keeshond
RossiWood Define Life RossiWood Owner Chinese Shar-Pei
Ch KerryDane Labyfeel Kerrydane Owner Finnish Spitz
Ch Lisra Royal Agent lisra Owner Shiba Inu
Ch MSKs Mountain Man Winter Rose Kennels Owner Lhasa Apso
Ch Ravenscroft Immortal Romance Ravenscroft Kennels Owner Alaskan Klee Kai
Ch Plus Baron Plus Owner Tibetan Spaniel
Ch BS* Warden of the Marches Brooksides Owner Boston Terrier
Ch Enigmas Fawn Cyrius Enigma Within Owner French Bulldog
Ch A.Dreamz Greatest Showmen Arizona Dreams Owner Lowchen
Ch Novos Thunder Blue Novolina Owner German Spitz
Ch Sussurro Spectrum Somerset Kennels Owner Miniature Poodle
Ch Jinlong Kodak Moment Jinlong Kennel Owner Chow Chow
Ch BSG Springtime Sunshine bsgkid Owner Bulldog
Ch New Start Male Karen RR Owner American Eskimo Dog

Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch BarStar Othello Berry Kennels Owner Gordon Setter Best in Group
Ch Arienas Hot Toddy Aoineadh Mor Owner German Shorthaired Pointer 2nd in Group
Ch Infusion Too Comfortable Infusion Owner Irish Red and White Setter 3rd in Group
Ch Tumblin Stagger Lee DoggyPanache Owner Irish Water Spaniel 4th in Group
Ch BarStar Take Me Back HSKennel2 Owner Irish Setter
Ch RedWay Speed Demon RedWay Owner Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Ch SPF Zavijah Sand Prairie Flats Owner Flat-Coated Retriever
Ch Baileys There There Bailey Barns Owner English Springer Spaniel
Ch Czardas Greatest Showman Czardas Owner Vizsla
Ch Halcyon Machines at Midnight Berries Kennels Owner Pointer
Ch Willow Buff Flying Circus Willow Buff Owner American Cocker Spaniel
Ch Seasar Tetraites Seasar Owner Golden Retriever
HSs Just One More HSKennel Owner German Wirehaired Pointer
Ch Spindrift Shelter In Place Spindrift Owner English Setter
Ch ESAN Red Sparrow ESAN Owner Labrador Retriever
Ch Berry Topsy Turvy Berry Brits Owner Brittany
Ch Shadowstorm Laila Ali Shadowstorm Kennels Owner English Cocker Spaniel
Ch Ceincaled Shangri La Ceincaled Owner Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Ch Acquiesce Youth Gone Wild Acquiesce Owner Sussex Spaniel
Targaryen*s Grit Targaryen Owner Curly-Coated Retriever
Ch Flush Legacy of Fire Flush Owner Welsh Springer Spaniel
Ch Seiriol Prince William synchronised Owner Clumber Spaniel
Ch Kupara Ophelia otakuparadise Owner Kooikerhondje
Ch Ditas Dacer In The Dark Afrodita Owner Field Spaniel
Rockhill Mambo No 5 Rockhill Kennel Owner American Water Spaniel
Weim589 Georgian Owner Weimaraner
Ch Kamiz Rainbow Prince Kamiz Owner Lagotto Romagnolo
Ch Coal Tar*s Tennessee Whiskey Coal Tar II Owner Portuguese Pointer
Ch Mayfair Eye Of The Storm Malvern Kennels Owner Spinone Italiano
Ch Gracefield Over the Moon Gracefield Owner Spanish Water Dog
Ch Pitch Perfect V. Eschenbruch Vom Eschenbruch Owner Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Terrier Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Myatt Bandmaster Pommiegold Terriers II Owner Jack Russell Terrier Best in Group
Ch Briarmoore Affogato Briarmoore Owner Cairn Terrier 2nd in Group
Ch Andy*s Graffiti Andy*s Owner Kerry Blue Terrier 3rd in Group
Ch Meili*s Storm from Above Myths Owner Manchester Terrier 4th in Group
Ch CC Kestrel Courage Creations Owner Scottish Terrier
Ch Pommiegold Poseidon Pommiegold Terriers II Owner Australian Terrier
Ch Airboarding Ditty Airboarding Sardonyx Owner Border Terrier
Ch MHs Hemlock Mountain High Owner American Staffordshire Terrier
Ch Sir Arthur Of Yorks (18) gaylanstudio8 Owner Airedale Terrier
Ch UKI In An Ocean Of Many Underground Inc Owner Glen of Imaal Terrier
Ch AMG Cowbridge angus my golden retriver Owner Welsh Terrier
Ch Treun Guardian IV Treun Owner Irish Terrier
Ch Carylls Dhalla Caryll Owner Bull Terrier
Ch Lolas Moonshine @ Newwave Newwave Owner Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Ch Brerfox Saturday Night Fever Pommiegold Terriers II Owner Smooth Fox Terrier
Ch Gaylans Blackwatch (18) Gaylanstudio5 Owner Wire Fox Terrier
Ch Loch Tay Spy Game Loch Tay Owner West Highland White Terrier
Ch WNTs Drake Of England Waggs Norfolk Terriers Owner Norfolk Terrier
Ch Kilhey Cloud City terryterrier Owner Sealyham Terrier
Ch Granny Coon Special Edition chestara Owner Norwich Terrier
Ch Hyldfire Hamming It Up Achnasheen Pommiegold Terriers II Miniature Bull Terrier
Ch RatDogs Lethally Odd RatDogs Owner Rat Terrier
SanStaffs La Celeste SanStaff Owner Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Ch Mensa Clot Buster Mensa Owner Lakeland Terrier
Ch Shandton2 Marauder Shandton 2 Owner Bedlington Terrier
Ch Kiroja Water Over The Bridge kiroja Owner Miniature Schnauzer
ForceTen Spare Time Morpurgo3 Owner Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Ch Circuitry Surfin Safari Circuitry Owner Skye Terrier

Toy Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Intrinsicc Avante Garde Intrinsicc Owner Italian Greyhound Best in Group
Ch BarStar I Like Me Better Rainbow Poms Owner Pomeranian 2nd in Group
Ch DMs Magic Creation Diamond Mountain Owner Havanese 3rd in Group
Ch SilknT Fantastic Moon SilknT Owner Silky Terrier 4th in Group
Ch Halcyon Call it In halcyonlisa Owner Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Ch Carados Evening Breeze First Knight Owner Chinese Crested Dog
Ch Paradise Mercedes Paradise Park Owner Yorkshire Terrier
Ch Esandar Strictly Business Esandar Papillons Owner Papillon
Ch BKH Milton Barkhill Kennels Owner Chihuahua
Ch StValK Killarney Stephval Kennels Owner Brussels Griffon
Ch Comet California Girl Comet Poodles Owner Toy Poodle
Ch Nachthunde Xi Shi Nachthunde Owner Shih Tzu
Ch Keeskee Artemis Keeskee Owner Pekingese
Ch Chikolla Golden Gaze Chikolla Owner English Toy Spaniel
Ch Angels Dream Of Pillows ~*Angel*Dreams*~ Owner Maltese
Ch BSG Insane Rules bsgkiddie Owner Pug
DragonFyre*s Freddy DragonFire Kennel Owner Toy Fox Terrier
Ch BKH Mister Tom Barkhill Kennels Owner Affenpinscher
Keeskee Sundance Keeskee Owner Japanese Chin
Ch Silver Seal Comet Silver Seal Kennel Owner Manchester Toy Terrier
Ch *funhund* Kuparas jackwack Owner Miniature Pinscher

Working Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Bowring Gregorys Girl Second Knight Owner Siberian Husky Best in Group
Ch ESAN Royal Clown ESAN Owner Newfoundland 2nd in Group
Ch Prism In Summer Prism Owner Samoyed 3rd in Group
Ch VB Royal Princess KonaBlechen Owner Doberman Pinscher 4th in Group
Ch GLXYs Golden Eagle Gallaxy Owner Great Dane
Ch BKH Tell Me Tomorrow Barkhill Kennels Owner German Pinscher
Ch Hidden History B-Aramal Aramal Basic Owner Giant Schnauzer
Ch DKs Walking On Sunshine Derwen Kennels Owner Bernese Mountain Dog
Ch Bryers New Record at GDC bryerwood kennel Owner Akita
Ch Whiskey Run Black Ice ESAN Caucasians Owner Caucasian Mountain Dog
Ch Tribern Flintstone tribernbmd Owner Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Ch Summerwind The Red Strokes SMOKY MTN KENNEL Owner Boxer
Ch Indigo Starrs Star Gazer Indigo Starr Rottweilers Owner Rottweiler
Ch Aldeberan Blood and Chocolate Run Strong Kennels Owner Komondor
Ch Jaegers Takoda Jaeger Kennels Owner Leonberger
Ch Saverio El Chapo Alta Fortezza Dreisaiah Hundehutte Owner Cane Corso
Ch RRoxs Holy Cow! RebelRox Owner Beauceron
Ch Kohl LastOfTheHollywoodStars Temora Owner Estrela Mountain Dog
Ch Zoetic Amuza Zoetic Owner Argentine Dogo
Ch Missouri River Conga bergquistd Owner Anatolian Shepherd
Ch Moon Acres Run To The Top Moon Acres Owner Dogue de Bordeaux
Ch Craig of Rockwood Dogs of Rockwood Owner Tibetan Mastiff
Ch KDH Fire Fox KDH Owner Alaskan Malamute
Ch Ridley Rendor Ridley Owner Kuvasz
Ch Kilohana Calling All Angels Kilohana Kennels Owner Mastiff
Ch Lanakila Shiny And New Lanakila ACDs Owner Bullmastiff
Lanakila Leather N Lace Lanakila PWD Owner Portuguese Water Dog
Mamba Franco Mamba Owner Neapolitan Mastiff
Ch Coffeehouse Deborah Coffeehouse Owner Appenzeller Sennenhund
Red Winter Winds Red Stars Kennel Owner Black Russian Terrier
Ch Mamba Freedom Mamba Owner South African Boerboel
Ch LaMs Sweetest Challenge La Machine Owner Saint Bernard
Beacon Starter Dog A davbo Owner Great Pyrenees

Did you know?
The third obedience title is a UD, or "Utility Dog", which is earned through competition in the Utility obedience class