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Author Topic : Breeding 100 SOP Danes
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An interesting thought just crossed my mind. In a generation or two there will be a lot of 100 SOP Danes. If the reset is delayed interesting things will happen. Breeders would actually have to breed based on show results alone laugh :D Interesting laugh :D
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12/3/2017 9:50:03 AM reply with quote send message to DoggyPanache Object to Post

I know. It brings up a lot of possibilities.
 Dreisaiah Hundehutte
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12/7/2017 12:55:13 AM reply with quote send message to Dreisaiah Hundehutte Object to Post

I hope they delay it.
If they don't and do the reset before a bunch of people achieve their 100 through their own breeding, it'd be such a let down. I also see many 99.95s are great showdogs and many 100s are not. I suppose if 90% of the Danes are 100 SOP, maybe a reset or pullback would be in order then. Either way congrats to the breeders who have achieved the 100!

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12/8/2017 1:06:49 AM reply with quote send message to Aussiewolfsister Object to Post

I am really hoping they delay it --- for a few years.

It's fine for the Great Dane breeders, and many congrats to them all for getting the Danes up to 100 SOP --- but for the rest of us with other breeds a reset will really hurt.

In my breeds we have managed to get Keeshonds up to 98.40 SOP, Samoyeds up to 98.25 SOP, Buhunds up to 97.90 SOP and Elkhounds up to 97.15 SOP.

To have all the work that breeders have put in to try and get our breeds up towards 100 SOP as well, wiped out in a reset, will be very disheartening. I really will be wondering if to stay or not.

Replies in this thread : 3

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