Group Results

Date: 12/31/2019

Herding Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Iconic Gardenia Iconic Owner Pyrenean Shepherd Best in Group
Ch Taylynn Fantasstic Taylynn Owner Pembroke Welsh Corgi 2nd in Group
Ch Rough Edges Danger Signal Rough Edges Owner Belgian Sheepdog 3rd in Group
Ch BK My PØWËR They°ll Never Take Boodie Kennels Owner Shetland Sheepdog 4th in Group
Ch BarStar When You Call My Name BarStar Owner Australian Shepherd
Ch Tanami Cunning Legacy Rensvik Owner Norwegian Buhund
Ch PP Fancy Tamper Mental PPvallhunds Owner Swedish Vallhund
Ch ESAN Marilyn Monroe ESAN Owner Collie
Ch Rex Anchor Rex Herding Dogs Owner Australian Cattle Dog
Specs Dancing On A Rock Specs Owner Old English Sheepdog
Ch Windgate True Spirit Windgate Owner Belgian Tervuren
Ch Ballroom Danze Instructor Ballroom Owner Belgian Laekenois
Ch Kohl Match The Face 2The Name Once In A Owner Bouvier des Flandres
Ch NippinHeels Datamb NippinHeels Owner Belgian Malinois
Ch Kiroja Power Bank Gallaxy Owner German Shepherd Dog
Ch Sweetbrier Top Card Sweetbrier Owner Border Collie
Ch Irvine Madria Irvine Owner Bergamasco
Ch Nymble Running on Thin Ice Nymble Kennels Owner Mudi
Ch AG The Shadow Knows AussieGold Owner Australian Kelpie
Ch Pond`s Kinda Shoulda Woulda BanCree Kennels Owner Briard
Ch Agamede Atom Agamede Owner Bearded Collie
Ch Draig Labyrinth at Lanakila Lanakila Corgis Owner Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Ch Bree The Red Pyramid Melancollie Owner Pumi
Ch Hime View See You Next Time Hime View Kennel Owner Canaan Dog
DUB Watch Party Diggin Up Bones Owner Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Hound Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch ESAN Black Night Ponds Owner Irish Wolfhound Best in Group
Ch Quenchie Near Red Quenchie Owner Rhodesian Ridgeback 2nd in Group
Ch Kjelvik Dragon of Peace Kjelvik Owner Norwegian Elkhound 3rd in Group
Ch Peregrins Gemini Peregrin Owner Saluki 4th in Group
Ch Fabre Black Flame Fabre Owner Basenji
Ch Diego Manhattan Mojito Diego Kennels Owner Ibizan Hound
Ch AzIn Ramesses Azawakh Inc. Owner Azawakh
Ch TBTs Reyn Tinker Bell Toppers Owner Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Ch BarStar IWoreYourWeddingDress BarStar Goldens Owner Borzoi
Ch Kilohana Hurts SoGood kilohana show dogs Owner Plott
Ch CBAC Marla Cwn Bach Arbennig Cymru Owner Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen
Ch Seasar Fire Ball Seasar Owner English Foxhound
Ch Tarot Ne Plus Ultra Tarot Owner Afghan Hound
Ch Zazzle Paloma Zazzle Owner Whippet
Ch Whiskey Mac’s Eyes of Horus GaylanStudio4 Owner Pharaoh Hound
Ch Grays Hilda Krieghund Owner Scottish Deerhound
Ch Quenchie @ Quenchie Owner Harrier
Ch TJ Andy True Justice Owner Black and Tan Coonhound
Ch Agamede Berk Agamede Owner Basset Hound
Ch Hooded Dark Figure Heart Of It Kennel Owner Thai Ridgeback
Ch Jaspers Whiskey Lullaby Jasper Kennel Owner Beagle
Ch Agamede Magnus Agamede Owner Greyhound
Ch Rizona World Alum Cherokee Hills Owner American Foxhound
Ch Jaspers Answer to the Riddle Jasper Kennel Owner Bloodhound
Ch ShelB2 Rainbows N Lollipops Shelburne 2 Owner Otterhound
Ch T. Rum Absolute tiamerou Owner Dachshund
Ch Barkinmad Spextacular Barkinmad Owner Portuguese Podengo
Anoki of LunarBabies LunarBabies Owner Redbone Coonhound

Non-Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Fingerprint The Sandlot Fingerprint Owner Dalmatian Best in Group
Ch Lisra Tigers Mind lisra Owner Shiba Inu 2nd in Group
Ch RAs betterofinthedark RoyalAkita 2.5 Owner Standard Poodle 3rd in Group
Ch DenKees Sweet Taste of Love Aussiewolfsister Owner Keeshond 4th in Group
Ch Ztc. Stiletto tiamerou Owner French Bulldog
Ch Kelankins High Hopes Whatthe Owner Lhasa Apso
Ch Radiant Flip Flops Radiant Owner Tibetan Spaniel
Blitzstan Blackberry Better Tibbs Owner Schipperke
Ch Ying Yang Isis Ying Yang Owner German Spitz
Ch BLCKMAJK King Friday BlackMajik Kennels Owner Finnish Spitz
Ch BSG Powerful Stakes bsgkid Owner Bulldog
Ch McIntosh Back In Black Mcintosh Kennel Owner Miniature Poodle
Ch Nachthunde Aku Nachthunde Owner Tibetan Terrier
Ch C Lions Check In Crystal Lions Owner Lowchen
Ch Barkinmad AKK Lunar Eclipse Barkinmad Owner Alaskan Klee Kai
Ch Eskimin Snowball Eskimin Owner American Eskimo Dog
Ch MK Whispering Weeping Willow Spot and Smudge Owner Chow Chow
Ch Kantrip to the Top Kantrip Owner Boston Terrier

Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch STORMBRINGERS BLACKDUCK Stormbringer Retrievers Owner Flat-Coated Retriever Best in Group
Ch Gondor The Lightning Thief Gondor Owner Irish Red and White Setter 2nd in Group
Ch Dondaig Barcelona pooh98 Owner Gordon Setter 3rd in Group
Ch Outrigger Barnaby Outrigger Owner Irish Water Spaniel 4th in Group
Ch Spindrift Memorable Spindrift Owner English Setter
Ch CLWYDs Blue Silver Clwyd Cockers Owner American Cocker Spaniel
Ch Arienas Rebekah Aoineadh Mor Owner German Shorthaired Pointer
Ch Korthals Salty Oceans Korthals Owner Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Ch Marvien Magic Merlot springersnz Owner English Springer Spaniel
Ch Seiriol Jenna synchronised Owner Clumber Spaniel
Ch Steinhaus Last Rose Steinhaus Owner German Wirehaired Pointer
Ch Whirlaway Artist Way Whirlaway Welsh Terriers Owner Irish Setter
Ch Seasar Lumberjack Seasar Owner Labrador Retriever
Ch Moray Jakson Moray Owner Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Ch Zinga First Canal Zinga Owner Kooikerhondje
Ch Halcyon Best Price Halcyon Desires Owner Pointer
Ch Peregrins Daphne Peregrin Owner English Cocker Spaniel
Ch Seasar Otho Seasar Owner Golden Retriever
Ch Dynamic Beauty Curl_Of_Coats Owner Curly-Coated Retriever
Ch GracefieldSD Fyre Hawk Gracefield Sportdogs Owner Lagotto Romagnolo
Ch Zollhaus Pan Pipes Zollhaus Owner Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Ch Arrosa Galen Arrosa Owner American Water Spaniel
Ch Enchante Gateway To The West Enchante Owner Brittany
Ch Whitegold Stopping Hot Whitegold Kennels Owner Sussex Spaniel
Ch Of Call* Catch The Power Ports Of Call* Owner Portuguese Pointer
Ch MPDAs Ember Noodle Mypuppydoesagility Owner Field Spaniel
Ch Rossett Commander Rossett Spaniels Owner Welsh Springer Spaniel
Ch Enigma Marcus Wargull Enigma Within Owner Spinone Italiano
Ch HSs Paris HSKennel Owner Weimaraner
Ch Decoys Matrix Panicstation Owner Spanish Water Dog
Ch Klineline Rusty Tamarind Owner Vizsla

Terrier Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch MHs Sandstorm Mountain High Owner Jack Russell Terrier Best in Group
Ch Pommiegold Simply at BanCree Hyorina Owner Australian Terrier 2nd in Group
Ch Kiroja Ultimate High kiroja Owner Miniature Schnauzer 3rd in Group
Ch White Birch Scarlet Fig White Birch Kennel Owner Staffordshire Bull Terrier 4th in Group
Ch MNs 18-Hornet Mach Number Owner Miniature Bull Terrier
Ch GIG Aubrey GraceInGlory Owner Cairn Terrier
Ch RatRace Storm Front RatRace Owner Rat Terrier
Ch Charmason Will Scarlet Charmason Owner Norfolk Terrier
Ch Andy*s Just One Look Sarah*s Owner Kerry Blue Terrier
Ch Sardonyx Sailor Blue Sardonyx II Owner Norwich Terrier
Ch Decoys Stormy Seas decoy swd Owner Wire Fox Terrier
Ch Treun Checkers Treun Owner Irish Terrier
Ch Specs LT Man In The Moon Specs Lakeland Terriers Owner Lakeland Terrier
Ch Sir Reginald Of Yorks (19) Clanwize Owner Airedale Terrier
Ch Zollhaus Katya Zollhaus Owner American Staffordshire Terrier
Ch Breacan Jim Beam Breacan Owner Scottish Terrier
Ch Shire Whirling Whisker CoffieDog Owner Welsh Terrier
Ch Blazons Cold-Snap Blazon Bull Terriers Owner Bull Terrier
CO2.0 Heir To The Crown CO2.0 Owner Manchester Terrier
Ch Rio Hearts On Fire RioSFT Owner Smooth Fox Terrier
Ch HiRoad Carpe Diem Totally Terriers Owner Glen of Imaal Terrier
Ch Antic Eyes That Know Me Antic Kennels Owner Skye Terrier
Ch Shandton2 Raspberry Beret Shandton 2 Owner Bedlington Terrier
ForceTen Believable Magpied Owner Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Ch Magpied Malakbel by Kilhey terryterrier Owner Sealyham Terrier
Ch TNT Tadelle Tollers N Terriers Owner West Highland White Terrier
Airboarding Silver Star Arundelrose2 Owner Border Terrier

Toy Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Sandchape Usual Suspect Sandchape Owner Pomeranian Best in Group
Ch BSG Brilliant Thoughts bsgkiddie Owner Pug 2nd in Group
Ch SatinSilk Lost Sparrow SatinSilk Owner Silky Terrier 3rd in Group
Ch Carados Lone Wolf First Knight Owner Chinese Crested Dog 4th in Group
Ch Stephval Fantasia Defasher03 Owner Brussels Griffon
Ch Waggs Thieves In The Night Waggs1 Owner Yorkshire Terrier
Ch Jidokey Just Another Day jidokey Owner Pekingese
Ch Chikolla Morning Maid Chikolla Owner English Toy Spaniel
Ch Grays Preacher Grays Owner Maltese
Ch Intrinsicc Coincidence Tamarind Owner Italian Greyhound
Ch Halcyon Sheriff Halcyon Delight Owner Shih Tzu
Ch SSfuls Revive The Titans SoSunnyful Owner Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Ch Willow Constant Coffee Willow Tree Farm Owner Papillon
Ch Crush Bentley Crush Owner Toy Poodle
Ch Athena Rise Together torokiseru Owner Miniature Pinscher
Ch DMs Complex Code Diamond Mountain Owner Havanese
Ch Zivka of Yishar Yishar Kennel Owner Affenpinscher
Ch Chikolla Ebony And Ivory Chikolla Owner Japanese Chin
Ch *Legendary Machop Cloudpointe Kennels Owner Manchester Toy Terrier
Ch DragonFyres Supernatural at MJ MJ s Owner Toy Fox Terrier
Ch MJ`s Reloaded Mixtape MJ s Owner Chihuahua

Working Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Oberhaus Making Waves Oberland Kennels Owner Newfoundland Best in Group
Ch WB Too Blue Whiskey Bent Dobermans Owner Doberman Pinscher 2nd in Group
Ch Vortex* 100 Yard Dash Vortex* Owner Akita 3rd in Group
Ch GLXYs Honos Gallaxy Owner Great Dane 4th in Group
Ch Oberhaus White Witch Oberland Kennels Owner Samoyed
Ch Carons Corey Cwm Ddu Owner Alaskan Malamute
Ch Agamede Dungeons and Dragons Agamede Owner Siberian Husky
Ch ESAN Taifun ESAN Owner Cane Corso
Ch Jaegers Fact Or Fiction Jaeger Kennels Owner Leonberger
Ch Moon Acres Play Date Moon Acres Owner Dogue de Bordeaux
Ch ISR Your Mama Dont Dance Indigo Starr Rottweilers Owner Rottweiler
Ch Grafton Akio Grafton Owner Bullmastiff
Ch *Shine Masked In The City Star Shiine Owner Estrela Mountain Dog
Ch Velvet`s Teenage Angst XiZang Owner Boxer
Ch Picardy Anton Picardy Owner Saint Bernard
Ch Tribern Chase The Sun tribernbmd Owner Bernese Mountain Dog
Ch Ered Luin Jetrel Fairy Tail kennel Owner Caucasian Mountain Dog
Ered Luin This Song So We Ered Luin Owner Standard Schnauzer
Ch Ered Luin Errol @ Newwave Newwave Owner Komondor
Ch Blunotes Tree of Life Munchen Owner Giant Schnauzer
Ered Luin Main Titles LoupGarou Owner German Pinscher
Ch Ridley Salman Ridley Owner Kuvasz
Ch Zuzxaquíín ex Zanguiz Urza bloodbear Owner Argentine Dogo
Ch Shelmast Ah Chee Summer shelmast Owner Tibetan Mastiff
Ch Lanakila SheWasCallingWildfire Lanakila PWD Owner Portuguese Water Dog
SoAfBo Lost Red SoAfBo Owner South African Boerboel
Ch Ered Luin Goodbye Angels Roseland Kennel Club Owner Mastiff
Ch DRGNV Where Winter Wanders themidnighthour Owner Black Russian Terrier
Ch Mamba Fantasma summeranne17 Owner Neapolitan Mastiff
Ch Tribern Carmina tribernbmd Owner Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Ch Peregrins Adile Peregrin Owner Anatolian Shepherd
Ch WS Shine On Girl Whispering Secrets Owner Beauceron
Ch Castañas Blizzard Castanas Kennels Owner Great Pyrenees

Did you know?
The third obedience title is a UD, or "Utility Dog", which is earned through competition in the Utility obedience class